(Minghui.org) Editor’s note: Below are letters submitted by three Falun Dafa practitioners in China, recounting the health benefits that people have experienced either from practicing this ancient spiritual and meditation discipline or by simply believing in the goodness of Dafa.

My Co-worker Exclaims “Falun Dafa Is Amazing!”

My co-worker began practicing Falun Dafa in July 2016. He used to suffer from all sorts of illnesses and had been hospitalized many times for heart disease.

After practicing Falun Dafa for about a month, my neighbor was awakened by excruciating chest pain one night. He could not breathe. He grasped his chest and lay in bed in despair. He then suddenly remembered my telling him to repeat the following phrases whenever he was in danger: “Falun Dafa is good,” “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

He began saying the phrases, half awake. He then felt a large hand coming down from the air toward his heart and grabbing something from him. His chest pain immediately disappeared, and he could breathe again! He felt great.

When he came to study the Falun Dafa teachings with me the next day, he could not stop telling us this amazing story. I felt so happy for him!

Sanitation Worker Regains Hearing After Decades of Deafness

I live in northeastern China. Over the years, I have been persevering in bringing the facts about Falun Gong to the city sanitation workers, which is in fact a large group of people. Things did not initially go smoothly, but I was determined to help them understand the truth.

When I keep my heart and mind pure and focused, the results are usually pretty good. When the weather is rough, as in wintertime, the sanitation workers get up early to shovel snow. I use the opportunity to bring them the truth. 

One morning, a worker was clearing away the snow in front of my door. When I went out to greet him, others told me that he was deaf. I gave him a Minghui Weekly. He took a look and put it in his pocket.

The next morning, the man greeted me warmly and told me that a miracle happened to him! He said he went home and read the truth-clarification magazine that I'd given him. As he was reading, he heard a loud “bang” in his ears. After that, he could hear! He could hear everything crystal clear! 

He jumped up and told his wife that he could hear. His wife was so happy for him and also read the materials I had given him. Both of them understood that Falun Dafa was good and that it is being unjustly persecuted by the communist regime.

In-law Recovers from Cancer

My daughter-in-law was in deep distress in the fall of 2015 after learning that her mother had been diagnosed with uterine cancer at only fifty years old. No one could accept the fact, and they didn’t know what to do.

After discussing things, we agreed not to let her know yet. Her daughter took her to Beijing to see another doctor. Before they left, I gave each of them a Falun Dafa keepsake and asked them to repeat the phrases “Falun Dafa is good,” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I told them it would bring blessings and protection. 

My daughter-in-law and her mother went to several big and prestigious hospitals, but the results were the same. After her mother realized the diagnosis, they hugged each other and cried. 

My daughter-in-law remembered my words and took out the Falun Dafa keepsake. She asked her mother to say the phrases with her. They kept repeating those words day and night, even right before her mother underwent surgery. When the pathology report came out, she was found to be cancer-free! They began crying again, but this time it was with tears of happiness.

I knew that Master and Dafa had saved my daughter-in-law's mother. We witnessed the wonder of Dafa and are deeply grateful for Master’s saving grace.