(Minghui.org) At a press conference introducing a new analysis report on foreign policy regarding China on September 30, 2020, U.S. House of Representative Michael McCaul, chief of the Foreign Affairs Committee and chairman of the China Task Force, said, “The greatest generational challenge we face today is the threat of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).”

In the past few weeks, the U.S. has taken a series of actions to combat the long-term threats posed by the CCP on many fronts, including healthcare, domestic defense, economy, and the violation of human rights.

In addition to defending the U.S.’s own national interest, the new report released by the China Task Force provided recommendations to respond to the full range of CCP human rights violations, from religious freedom violations to forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners and other dissidents.

One of the report’s recommendations: “Congress should pass H.R. 7805, the Stop Predatory Organ Trafficking Act, a bipartisan measure which would authorize the imposition of visa sanctions on officials complicit in organ trafficking.

“Furthermore, Congress should require an interagency assessment of forced organ harvesting specific to the PRC, and if necessary, single out and sanction the officials who run the PRC’s organ transplant system.”

The First Policy Blueprint of the U.S. Congress to Fully Counter the CCP

In May 2020, the U.S. House of Representatives China Task Force was established to comprehensively assess the threat from the CCP. After several months of investigation and research, the final report was released in September.

At the recent press conference, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, “Today’s report has achieved something unprecedented in the history of Congress: a true blueprint for a comprehensive response to China’s threats, containing hundreds of items. Bold, achievable ideas, these ideas were generated on the basis of discussions with more than a hundred leaders who hold various political positions.”

According to McCarthy, the report focuses on three major areas: ensuring the security of the medical supply chain and increasing US manufacturing; allowing the US Department of Defense to fund emerging technologies; and modernizing the government, requiring the Treasury Department to sanction the CCP.

The report put forward 400 policy recommendations and nearly 200 legislative recommendations, two-thirds of which are bipartisan consensus.

Liz Cheney, a member of the China Task Force, said: “It is very important for everyone to note that we are in the midst of a battle between freedom and totalitarianism. The question we all face is whether the United States and our allies will set the rules of the road into the future or whether the Chinese Communist Party and that authoritarian, totalitarian regime will set the rules of the road.”

The China Task Force listed numerous facts regarding the origin and spread of the CCP virus, exposing the CCP's concealment of the epidemic. “And for decades, the United States and its allies have been asleep at the wheel until COVID-19. COVID created an awakening experience for the American people and the sleeping giant has finally awoken,” McCaul stated.

Steve Scalise, the minority party whip in the House of Representatives, accused Chinese officials of initially trying to conceal the local epidemic and relevant evidence, which caused the virus to spread globally and kill countless lives.

The report emphasizes that accommodating the CCP is no longer an option. In order to maintain democracy and freedom around the world, the United States must take decisive actions with allies and regain the initiative.

Immigration Ban on Communist Party Members

Only days after the release of the China Task Force report, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a policy guidance on October 2, barring CCP members and those who have joined the CCP from applying for U.S. immigration status (such as green cards, etc.) unless specifically permitted.

Back in 1952, the U.S. Congress passed the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), authorizing the exclusion of all aliens, immigrants, or non-immigrants on the basis of membership in or affiliation with the Communist or any other totalitarian party.

As the U.S. later loosened its immigration policy, many CCP members took advantage of procedures and loopholes in U.S. immigration laws and policies in order to enter the United States and eventually become U.S. citizens.

After gaining a foothold in the U.S., some of the CCP members have engaged in espionage, intellectual property theft, and other activities that undermine U.S. national security or extend the religious or human rights persecution from China onto U.S. soil.

New House Bill to Characterize the CCP As a “Transnational Organized Crime Group”

On October 4, the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a bill (H.R.8491) to designate the Chinese Communist Party as a “transnational organized crime group.”

This bill was jointly proposed by Congressmen Scott Perry, Tim Burchett, and Scott DesJarlais on October 1, 2020. Its purpose would be to protect Americans from criminal activities by the CCP and place the CCP on the list of the highest targets of transnational criminal organizations (TICOT) and provide US law enforcement agencies with strategic instructions against the malicious activities of the CCP.

Rep. Perry said, “The bill eliminates the sovereign immunity of the CCP, ensuring that even if they are diplomats who are working here, if they are involved in criminal activity, they can be subject to this [prison time].

“In the past hundred years, our world saw the rise of communism in the Soviet Union. And we witnessed freedom imperiled by evil. And we’re witnessing it right now today.”

He said the world has allowed the CCP to get away with its oppression, including its concentration camps and the horrific persecution of Falun Gong as well as the Mongolian and Tibetan people. “All of it has to end. And it’s a criminal activity that must be recognized and stood against by the whole world community. And the United States must lead.

“The CCP is an abject moral failure. It is decrepit. It is demonic. It is an institution that subjugates and enslaves the people it has dominion over.

“We are going to hold them accountable, bring them to justice, and end their tyranny. We must be the generation that confronts and defeats and ends the wicked regime of the CCP.”

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