(Minghui.org) As the 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival (also called Moon Festival) arrived, practitioners from around the globe sent greetings to Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa.

Inspired by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, these practitioners have become better citizens in their family, at work, and in society. Regaining their health further demonstrated the power of Falun Dafa. This is why practitioners are firm in their belief, even though the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has persecuted the practice since 1999.

These greetings came from places such as the United States, Sweden, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Peru, Canada, Finland, Brazil, Austria, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Czech, Slovakia, South Korea, France, Netherlands, Taiwan, Indonesia, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Spain.

Practitioners in Russia are very thankful for the compassion and sacrifice of Master Li through the years. “From the teachings of Falun Dafa, we learned how to keep improving our moral character and return to our origin,” they wrote. “There are many places we could have done better and we will strive to remain diligent going forward. Thank you, Master!”

A poem was received from a family in the Netherlands:

Bright moon, beautiful flowers,and here we are a happy family;Practicing Dafa for 24 years,I am grateful for the health, peace, and harmony.As the pandemic ravages the world and CCP continues to deceive people,we will tell people the facts and expose the propaganda,Remaining diligent and fulfilling our mission,we will return to the origin with Master.

Practitioners in Taiwan also contributed a poem:

With gratitude and happiness,we sincerely wish Master a Happy Moon Festival;As moral degeneration continues,many people are unaware of the risks and dangers.Cherishing traditional values and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,people will regain safety and hope;Remaining diligent and cultivating ourselves,we tell people the facts and expose propaganda from the CCP.Dafa rectifies the human world,upholding the upright and suppressing the vicious;As we return with Master,heaven and earth will be bathed in peace and happiness.

Greetings from Spain

New York practitioners wish Master Li a Happy Moon Festival

Season greetings from Czech Republic and Slovakia

Practitioners in Israel send their best wishes

Greetings from South Korea

Best wishes from Japan

Greetings from a practice group in Times Square

Gratitude from Russia

Season's greetings from Peru

Practitioners in Peru wish Master Li a Happy Moon Festival

Greetings from Canada

Greetings from Idaho, USA

Seasonal greetings from Tanjong Malim, Malaysia

From a group practice in Shinkuki, Japan

Greetings from Hanoi, Vietnam

Gratitude from Calgary, Canada

Greetings from Finland

Seasonal greetings from Brazil

Greetings from Austria

Greetings from Kansai, Japan

Seasonal greetings from Arizona, USA

Warm greetings from Stuttgart, Germany

Gratitude from United Kingdom

Practitioners in Sweden are thankful for the benefits from Falun Dafa

Seasonal greetings from Belgium

Greetings from Austria

Gratitude from Finland

Thankfulness from Jeju-do, South Korea

Greetings from Saitama, Japan

Thankfulness from construction team of Fei Tian College, New York

Greetings from practitioners in Sound of Hope

Season's greetings from Epoch Times in New York

Young practitioners in Indonesia wish Master Li a Happy Moon Festival.

Greetings from Chatswood, Australia

Gratitude from New Zealand

Thankfulness from New Jersey, USA

Seasonal greetings from Philadelphia, USA

Finnish practitioners thank Master for their mind and body improvement

Greetings from Ukraine

Gratitude from France

Thankfulness from Boston, USA

Greetings from a team who rescues practitioners detained in China for their belief

Practitioners in Tian Guo Marching Band thank Master Li for everything

Greetings from a team of practitioners who make phone calls to China telling people the facts of Falun Dafa

Gratitude from Sound of Hope in Europe

Greetings from a practice site at Sha Tin, Hong Kong

Gratitude from NTD Television in Thailand

“Thank you Master and Happy Moon Festival!” wrote practitioners from waist-drum team in New York

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