(Minghui.org) All Falun Dafa practitioners who managed to get out of prison in China have been subjected to systematic brainwashing by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Some brainwashing content is easily recognized and rejected, as they directly attack Dafa and defame its founder, while others are packaged into something more deceptive in form, such as traditional culture studies, lectures on health preservation, and TV programs that do not appear to have anything to do with the persecution. Even though these are part of the brainwashing arrangement, many practitioners have failed to reject them due to the “benign” packaging on the surface.

While suffering in pain in prison and being subjected to coercive brainwashing, if one is not clearheaded on certain issues or gets confused about Fa principles, one could become muddle-headed and less firm in holding one’s ground or even fail to follow Master’s teaching of “no second discipline.”

Although knowledge on health preservation is beneficial for everyday people, some incarcerated practitioners are also attracted to it since they may not be physically fit, because they are not allowed to do Falun Dafa exercises and live under enormous pressure. As for entertainment TV programs, practitioners are even less vigilant in guarding their integrity, thinking that such programs can help them relax a bit and temporarily forget about the pain in the harsh environment.

By and by, as their minds are filled with the content they are exposed to, the power of the Fa dwindles while more and more loopholes are formed. They slack off in cultivation and become more passive and feel downhearted. This is exactly the state of mind the evil wants them to be in.

If one is brainwashed this way in prison and fails to cleanse one’s mind after release by doing more Fa study and exercises, one could become more attached to everyday people’s things when one has more freedom and time on his/her hands than in prison. It’s very sad to see that some practitioners who remained faithful and unyielding in the face of cruel torture slack off in cultivation after they are released and return home. Some even slipped and fell.

Therefore, fellow practitioners who manage to get out of the dark dens must be clearheaded about the tricks played by the evil so that they would not be fooled by the “sugar-coated bullets.”

We do not repel traditional culture. What we reject is the way the evildoers misuse “traditional culture” to confuse people’s minds. They are in fact destroying China's traditional culture and values.

We hold nothing against everyday people's health preservation strategies, either. People in general, especially those who are interested in traditional cultural ideas, are keen to control their desires to maintain good health. This is understandable. What we resist is the evildoers’ use of so-called “traditional culture” to cover up their coercive “transformation” of practitioners.

As Dafa cultivators, we should know clearly that we are not after what everyday people pursue in life. There is nothing wrong to provide recreational activities and entertaining TV programs in prison, but we should be very clear that we should never have been put in jail in the first place and that that’s not where we should be. The evil tries to confuse the minds of cultivators to weaken their willpower so that they would slack off in cultivation.

We don’t need to discern what is good or bad in those entertainment programs played in the CCP’s prisons. Instead, we should eliminate all evil interference and things that are forced into our minds. At the same time, we must study the Fa well, dig out our attachments and notions that were taken advantage of by the evil, and quickly improve ourselves in the Fa. If we feel discomfort somewhere in our body and still refer to those health preservation strategies, it means that those things are still affecting us and that there is still poisonous influence to be cleared out.

In a situation like this, we must study the Fa even more and quickly rectify ourselves according to the Fa principles. We should also do the exercises more often to improve our health that was damaged in the persecution. We should also send forth righteous thoughts more often to eliminate all the dirty things forced into our minds while in prison. We must be strict with ourselves and study the Fa with a calm mind, because only by studying the Fa well can we do well what Dafa practitioners should do.