(Minghui.org) My cousin passed away two years ago. He was a middle school principal before retirement. Everyone thought of him as honest and kind, and he loved to help people. 

Soon after he passed away, I had a dream, in which I saw him lying on the ground looking anemic. I was very surprised and asked, “What happened? Why do you look like this?”

“I just went through the punishment of being roasted,” he said weakly. “They roasted me until all the water in my body was dried up, and then they did the same until the oil in my body is gone. Each step took a long time.”

“Why? Why do they do this to you?” I asked. 

My cousin closed his eyes and turned his head away in remorse. 

A voice in the air said, “He defamed and slandered Dafa.”

I suddenly understood. My cousin had believed in the lies of the Chinese Communist Party. He must have had denigrated Falun Dafa in front of the teachers and students at the middle school where he worked. That's why he was punished.

After I woke up from my dream, I submitted for him his withdrawal from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. 

I have not had a dream about him since.

This is a reminder that the Buddha Fa is both merciful and solemn. One should not trust the CCP's lies and defame Falun Dafa.