(Minghui.org) I was 21 years old in 1994. In August I was in Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and I saw a group of people sitting in a circle and listening to a recording.

It was Master Li’s (the founder) Fa-teaching lecture, so I sat down and listened. I began to practice Dafa just like that.

In mid-September, at the Fa exercise site I heard the news that Master was going to hold a class in Guangzhou City. I firmly put that in my mind and kept an ear out for it.

For some reason I felt Master might not hold the class many more times, if at all, after this class. Thus, I really did not want to miss the opportunity.

My entire family opposed me going to Guangzhou for the class, especially my father, who really tried hard to stop me from going. But I was determined I would go no matter what.

I received the response for registration after signing up. When it was time to go, I carried some instant noodles and got on the train with a fellow practitioner.

As soon as we got out of the train station in Guangzhou, a group of seven or eight robbers came up and surrounded us. They were extremely fierce.

But just as they were about to rob us, I saw a huge Falun (law wheel) rotating and the robbers ran in circles around me with the rotation of the Falun. Soon they were stumbling and could barely walk.

One of them was turning around in place like a ball and he looked terrified. I realized Master was protecting me!

If they took away my registration receipt, I would not be able to listen to Master’s Fa class. That was the time when I realized Master was protecting me from the moment I began to practice Dafa.

Before I left home, I told myself I must conquer any hardships and endure any suffering I may encounter on my way. I had no money to stay in a hotel⸺I had to borrow money from a fellow practitioner to get the train ticket.

I was planning to just stay outside on the street at night since Guangzhou was fairly warm. But when I arrived, fellow practitioners in Guangzhou arranged a place for me to stay.

It has been more than 20 years but whenever I think back about this, I feel so fortunate and happy to be able to practice Dafa.

There is really no suffering to talk about. There is only happiness and excitement under Master’s boundless mercy.

With the receipt, I got my entrance ticket around 7 p.m. the evening I arrived. I felt like I was dreaming, “Is this real? Can I go to the classes? Can I see Master and listen to his teaching?”

I firmly held the ticket in my hand and looked at it many times. I was really afraid it would disappear, and I thus hid it in the most secure place.

How precious it is to be able to join Master’s Fa teaching class and listen to him in person!

I had missed several chances to take Master’s class. In 1993 I missed the one in the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

In 1994 I missed the class in Yanji City. After I began cultivation, I truly felt there were a lot of factors trying to block me, and that those factors were all tightly linked, as one followed after another.

This time I was determined to not miss Master's class again. A fellow practitioner once shared at our Fa-study site, saying, “In cultivation, one must get through some tribulations and obstacles, and only then would one be able to enlighten to the Fa.”

Thinking about the resistance I faced from all directions, I could totally relate to it. I was sitting on the ground and tears filled my eyes.

Finally, I got into the class and saw Master!

The staff at the class arranged for me to sit in the first row on the ground, the closest to Master. The entire hall was filled with a compassionate, peaceful, calm, and warm energy.

The kind of compassion I felt in the energy field could not be described by words. My body felt so light and my heart was melting by the strong compassion.

This field changed me and I became calmer and more compassionate. If an ordinary person faces death, he will feel scared and hopeless, or angry and hateful.

But at that moment, I felt that if I were to face death, I would not have any of those feelings and only peace, compassion and righteous thoughts would be left.

Thinking back, now I understand that under Master’s unparalleled compassion, at my level I was already able to put down life and death in a preliminary stage.

Dafa cultivation has high requirements as soon as one begins cultivation. I had only cultivated for about four months at that time and I was already able to do this.

This would be unthinkable in other cultivation schools. I felt so grateful toward Master and could not put my feelings into words.

I was so happy at every moment in those days. A fellow practitioner said she felt like she was in heaven; we all felt that way.

It was like we were listening to Master’s Fa in heaven. I encountered two instances of interference during the class, and Master corrected the situation both times.

When a fellow practitioner was showing us how to do the exercises, I just wanted to look at Master a little more instead of watching the fellow practitioner’s movements.

Master looked at me and then looked at the fellow practitioner. I saw Master’s mouth moved a little bit as he directed my attention toward the fellow practitioner.

I felt a strong energy and realized immediately it was time to learn the exercises. I then quickly turned my attention to the fellow practitioner.

The other time, Master was teaching the Fa and I was listening very carefully. A fellow practitioner wanted to talk to me, so he pushed me once, and I didn’t say anything.

He pushed me again and I didn’t say anything again. The third time he pushed me I couldn’t hold my xinxing.

Then Master looked at me and I felt a strong energy coming toward me and I was able to immediately get back to listening to Master’s teaching.

A fellow practitioner in the class had a severe disease that caused ulcers all over his body. As a result there was always a very strong smell, like the smell of a corpse.

He had joined Master’s class once before and the majority of his body was healed, except his arm still had them. This time he was sitting close to Master and we were all able to smell it; it was almost unbearable.

But Master was sitting there as if there was no smell at all. This corrected our minds without any words and soon I couldn’t smell it either.

I realized Master had endured so much for us. Master was not only clearing all the bad factors behind that practitioner but was also clearing the bad factors behind all of us.

We can never imagine how much Master is really enduring for us. In the first three days of the class I still had many bad thoughts in my mind.

But after Master talked about thought karma, I did not have these bad thoughts anymore. My xinxing improved without me realizing it.

At first, we all wanted to sit close to Master. But after several days, I gave my spot to someone else and then went to sit in the back.

Some veteran practitioners also gave their tickets to new practitioners who didn’t have tickets, and they went to the other halls to watch Master on a video stream.

Master was truly pushing us upward and this helped me tremendously in my later cultivation during the Fa-rectification period. When I was going through tribulations such as being tortured in jail, Master’s Fa body took care of me and I had the compassion and righteous thoughts that Master had given me.

Those thoughts enabled me to destroy all the evil factors and get through tribulations again and again. With compassion, I was able to stay calm even when I was being tortured by the police.

They even admired me for my ability to endure those tribulations and wanted to be friends with me afterward.

Master is watching us, protecting us, and helping us improve in cultivation all the time. I’m forever Master’s loyal disciple!

Thank you Master!