(Minghui.org) In early April, as soon as my cousin came home from Hainan City, she was put under quarantine. But after she tested negative through nucleic acid testing, her quarantine was lifted.

My cousin’s family operated a retail store selling pesticide. In springtime, farmers need to use pesticide while planting seeds. As soon as her quarantine was over, she was in a hurry to go back to work. However, within a few days, she came down with a fever, coupled with coughing. These symptoms were very close to those of the coronavirus.

When she went to the hospital for a checkup, her temperature showed 37+ degrees Celsius. She was told that she would have to quarantine again, this time at home. In order to do that, both her husband and daughter had to leave home and stay somewhere else. Meanwhile, people from their local community management committee went to seal up the entrance of her apartment building.

Her apartment was on the third floor. For her daily necessities and groceries, they put the items into a basket first and then had her pull the basket up with rope.

After a couple of nights, she was petrified by staying home alone. Then she called me with the hope that I could go and stay with her, though both her husband and daughter were against it. She had to tell her husband, “If she doesn’t come over and I keep staying home alone, I’ll die.” So her husband had to give in.

Then she asked me, “Do you dare to come see me? Can you come to study the Fa with me?” She practiced Falun Dafa but stopped when the persecution began in 1999. I used to pass Master’s new articles to her, but I stopped because she was too tied up with her business and didn’t have time to read the Fa. Now that she has run into danger, she remembered Dafa.

I told her that I could. She offered to have her husband come pick me up. When I asked her, “How can I go inside the building?” She said she would open up the seal to let me in and then have her husband put it back on. This way, I began to study the Fa, do the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts with her. Within a couple of days, her temperature dropped to 36 degrees. She was so excited and said, “That’s great! Falun Dafa is wonderful!” Then she called her relatives to inform them.

After that, phone calls started pouring in to inquire how she was doing. When people from the community called her, she said, “I am fine, my temperature went back to normal because of Dafa. It’s so amazing!” Her family said, “If you are recovered, then sure, we’ll believe that.”

Perhaps because her zealotry flared up, the next day, her temperature went back up. I told her not to worry about it and continued to study the Fa with her.

On the fifth day, people from the community called her again. They asked her to check her own temperature. When it said 37+ degrees, they became alarmed right away. Her daughter said, “You still have to go to the hospital for a checkup so a doctor can decide whether you are infected or not.” Then both her brother and his child told her, “You should have her [me] go home. Otherwise what if you test positive and passed it on to her?”

What they said made her so scared that she cried. But when she asked her family members to accompany her instead, none of them wanted to go. She said to me, “Cousin, look, I can only count on Falun Dafa practitioners now. Look at other people, none of them want to come stay with me because they are scared.”

Pressured by her family, she decided to go to the hospital for a checkup. Meanwhile, she asked me to go home.

When her daughter took me back home, she said, “I truly appreciate your help. No one else would dare to accompany my mother.” I told her that I was fine, as I was a practitioner and had Master protecting me. I also said that as long as her mother kept studying the Fa and doing the exercises, she would be fine as well.

She went to the hospital and went through the virus tests. It turned out to be negative and her overall health condition was very good, though she still had the fever.

Later I gave her a call to find out how she was doing. She told me that her husband had returned home. At the end of our chat, she asked me to get her a new copy of Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa.