(Minghui.org) When Texas filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court against four swing states, I thought to myself: “Trump will definitely win the case.” It was no surprise that I felt disappointed when the case was rejected. I wondered how could this have happened and why didn’t those conservative justices uphold justice against election fraud? I had a hard time making sense of what had happened given that practitioners around the world had been diligently sending forth righteous thoughts all along.

I believe we all have similar experience or doubts in our cultivation. When things don’t work out in the way as we have anticipated, we would have some doubts in our mind. I realized that although sometimes I may not have an immediate answer for my doubts or I am not be able to fully understand things at my current level, one thing I’m now certain is that the more doubt I have, the more I should stop questioning and just put my faith in Dafa.

Our biggest wisdom is our faith of the Fa. The interference and tribulation we encounter might in itself be a test for us. My doubt was actually a reflection of my lack of righteous faith – a loophole I need to get rid of in my cultivation. And when we have doubt from the surface phenomena, maybe that’s exactly what the evil wants to achieve by creating the interference. After all, we are lives forged by the Fa and we are grounded on the Fa. Nothing can affect us or the Fa as long as we keep our faith and hold our grounds.

In fact, throughout our cultivation journey, we are constantly facing such tests. When things develop in our favor, we should know that Master is helping and strengthening us. Everything is given by Master. It’s not about us, it’s about our validation of the Fa.

On the other hand, when we encounter resistance, obstacles, or have a bad outcome of a certain event, we should all the more so believe Master is with us. We should look within, purify ourselves, and have more faith and confidence in the Fa. In this way, we can truly stay unswayed and mature through each ups and downs in our cultivation. When things didn’t go our way, it’s also an opportunity for us to let go of our notion and our own reasoning, and to look at things from a different perspective with greater wisdom from the Fa.

In other words, our cultivation process is a journey of our constantly stengnthening our faith in Fa, until we completely believe in it.

For ordinary people, seeing is believing. But for us Dafa disciples, we look at things from completely opposite angle. Losing might become our gaining. Maybe our letting go of our own pursuits and our human thinking is the way for us to make breakthroughs from tribulations and make real progress in our cultivation. Master is waiting for us to make advancement ourselves and we can’t always rely on Master to solve the problem for us.

In addition to the U.S. election, I know there are also some practitioners who have doubts about their physical tribulations or the timing of Fa-rectification. For some practitioners, they still move forward in their cultivation without completely resolving the issues. However, their doubts still reappear in their minds from time to time and they are bothered by it.

I now realize that when we have doubts, we should just face them directly, not run away from them. It’s not to sweep it under the rug, but to truly let go of it, even if we don’t have an answer for it. Because compared to the boundless Fa of the universe, our doubts are nothing but a tiniest of the tiniest dust.

The more chaotic things may look on the surface or the more difficulty we have, we should believe more in the Fa. Only when we completely rise above and beyond the way of thinking of beings in the old universe, can we fully unleash our power and ability given by the Fa of the nondestructive and never degenerate new universe.

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