(Minghui.org) Montana newspaper Flathead Beacon published a letter to the editor by Katherine Combes on December 27, 2020, titled “Severing Ties with the Chinese Communist Party.”

In her letter, Combes said that the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) lies and disinformation continued to worsen during the coronavirus pandemic, which caught the world off guard and threatened everyone on the planet.

She said that although many now know how the CCP suppressed people “who tried to warn the world of its severity,” the domestic suppression of people inside China may be less publicized.

“The brutality that China enforces on people who try to tell the truth and make their leaders accountable is also suppressed. People practicing their faith in China, including Christians, Falun Gong practitioners, Uyghurs, and Tibetans, are also suppressed through brainwashing, torture, and killing of innocent people, including the state-sanctioned forced organ harvesting for profit,” she said.

But the suppression of religious freedom isn’t the CCP’s only problem. It also steals intellectual property and manufacturing jobs from the U.S. through “lying, deceit, and spying.”

“Communism is being infiltrated in so many aspects of our culture without our realizing it, and Americans are quickly losing their independence,” she wrote. “It is time we awaken and distance ourselves from the CCP and stand up for human rights and truth.”

She continued by stating that while the current U.S. election looks like conflicts between “right/left, liberal/conservative and Republican/Democrat,” it’s in fact a choice between “communist values versus American values.”

“We have long enjoyed our freedoms, while the CCP has strategically indoctrinated the doctrines of communism into our lives. One does not have to dig very deep to find evidence of this,” she said.

She concluded that “The coronavirus has brought to light the horrid nature of the CCP. However, the true virus is actually the CCP. They are evil and we need to hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity.”