(Minghui.org) Near the end of teaching a calligraphy class at Harbin Normal University on August 4, 1994, I saw a lot of new people on campus. I asked why they were there and learned they came for the Falun Dafa lectures. I thought this qigong must be good for so many people to come from far and wide to hear the lectures.

I decided I must attend the lectures. I asked where the lectures would be and where to buy tickets. Someone told me they bought their tickets in advance and weren't sure if any were available. They said to inquire at the hockey arena.

I got up early the next morning to go and buy the tickets, but didn’t know where to go or whether tickets were available. However, I felt an overwhelming desire to attend the classes. Although I walked along a bumpy path from my car, I didn’t feel tired and was full of energy. At the arena, I saw 10 people waiting to purchase tickets. A staff member asked us to form a line and said that tickets were limited and would go on sale at 9:00 a.m.

I felt excited when I got a ticket even though I knew nothing about Falun Dafa. I often watched qigong punching on TV in the 1990s because I had practiced martial arts since I was a child, and I was very interested in qigong.

The lecture was scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. A bus picked us up at the university and took us to the arena. I saw many people entering and looking for their seats. It was somewhat noisy but not chaotic. My seat was in the first few rows and facing forward, very close to the podium where Master Li would be speaking.

Around 6:30 p,m, I saw Master Li, wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, walking onto the stage. The audience applauded for a long time to welcome him. At that time, Master's voice resounded throughout the venue clear and loud, and the audience immediately quieted down, and paid attention to what he said.

Master greeted everyone and then introduced himself. I was immediately shocked. There were about 5,000 people attending the lecture, but everyone was quiet. I really felt this person was great. I had never seen such an expert speaker in the whole country or even the whole world. Master did not need to look at notes as he lectured, like an orator or a presidential inaugural address. His power and prestige were extremely high, which set him apart from ordinary people.

When I woke up the next morning, it was hard to open my eyes because of a dazzling red light outside the window. I thought everyone could see it, but my roommates said they could not. Later, I realized that I saw it through my third eye.

On the third day, Master purified my body. However, I missed the fourth lecture as I had to run home to take care of something. The next morning, was Sunday and an extra lecture had been added. I was late and I didn’t go to my seat so I wouldn't disturb others. I saw a place near the podium and quietly sat down to listen to the lecture. About half an hour after the lecture, Master seemed to notice me and then looked at me. My heart was pounding, and I thought: “Master, I bought a ticket, but I’m sitting here because I arrived late.”

I now know that although I have a good predestined relationship with Dafa, I have poor enlightenment quality. Master said that those holding fans may put them away. I continued to hold a big fan in my hand and waved it back and forth. I was young and trying to compete in ordinary society.

I had some hobbies, such as Tai Chi, martial arts, fortune-telling, and calligraphy. My goal was to be a strong person among ordinary people. I was attached to fame and interests and was very competitive. However, cultivation aims to get rid of such attachments and one must be single-minded in one practice and cultivate one’s speech. Hearing these things, I was momentarily at a loss, thinking that I was young, and it wouldn't be easy to let go of everything at once. A lady next to me said she saw through her third eye small falun's (law wheels), like snowflakes, all over the room and falling on practitioners. Her words increased my confidence in cultivation.

Master asked us to stand up and think about our own or a relative’s diseases. He kindly said, “Count one, two, three, stamp your left foot, and the disease will be discharged and the body will be purified.” At this time, my body felt very light. The lady next to me saw a big fireball falling onto everyone.

When it was time to teach the fourth set of the Dafa exercises, Master walked around and asked the instructor to correct me when he saw my movement was not standard. Master was very careful not to let anyone fall behind.

'The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities'

My mother-in-law had pain in one of her legs. She came to a few lectures with my daughter, but since they didn’t have tickets, they waited outside for me. After one lecture, I took my mother-in-law to the hospital but the doctor could find nothing wrong with her leg. My mother-in-law was curious about why her leg pain had disappeared after she arrived in Harbin City. She realized later that Master had purified her body.

After the last lecture, people were slowly getting up and leaving. I am accustomed to being active so I went straight out of the venue in order to see Master up close. I waited to see Master on the road.

Master walked toward us holding his palm up. He looked tall and majestic, kind and solemn. The practitioners in front of me shook Master's hand, but I didn’t. I felt I was not worthy of shaking Master's hand. I was already very honored that Master walked by me.

A practitioner behind me stretched out his hand and held Master's hand. He did not let go even though Master was about to get in the car. At this time, Master's car was blocked by several buses. I was very anxious, so I stepped forward and directed the bus drivers to quickly get out of the way.

On that day, my body and mind were purified, my level improved, my body was light, and I felt like I was flying.

Twenty-seven years have passed, yet I still see this scene vividly.