(Minghui.org) I had a variety of illnesses before I began practicing Falun Dafa. My entire family was worried about my situation.

I had been pregnant ten times and only given birth twice, with the other eight pregnancies resulting in miscarriage. I subsequently developed many illnesses.

There was an infection in my womb, and my periods were abnormal. I had pain in my spine and right leg. I had insomnia, and a very low appetite. I frequently had headaches, and was deaf in my left ear. My optic nerve was damaged, which interfered with my vision, and often made my eyes tear. I also had a problem with my lungs, such that I began coughing up blood as soon as I vented any anger. 

My Illnesses Cleared Up

In 1998, my husband heard that Falun Dafa had amazing healing qualities, and asked two people to try and persuade me to learn. One night, I went with one of them to the practice site. As soon as I arrived, I started feeling very comfortable.

I followed along with the others to do the exercises, but during the second exercise, holding my arms above my head, I felt very tired and wanted to put my arms down. But I felt embarrassed to do so because no one else had put theirs down. So I stuck it out to the end, and felt very relaxed afterward.

I was breathing heavily on my way home, but soon started to feel a bit better. The person who took me to the practice site said, “You are truly fortunate. Master is taking care of you.”

I didn’t quite believe what she said however. I thought that since I didn’t see Master in person, how could he take care of me?

I didn't return to the practice site for a month. Yet whenever I thought about it, I still had a good feeling inside.

I had a fever one day, and took some medicine and drank tea for a few days. The combination of the two, which worked pretty well in the past, did not help this time.

When I returned to the practice site, I mentioned this to some practitioners there. They said that it didn't work because my symptoms were actually Master cleansing my body.

As to what that meant and why, they didn’t say. When I asked them how I could get answers to these questions, they suggested that I attended the Fa study group and learn more about Falun Dafa.

That night I attended the group Fa study. It was a house full of practitioners. I was afraid that I’d have to keep going to the bathroom, so I decided to sit near it. However, I didn’t have to use the toilet at all that night.

A few days later, I felt like I had a fever. But this time I clearly remembered that it was Master cleansing my body. I didn’t drink tea or take any medicine, and the fever disappeared. I have not been ill since. Seeing that I became illness-free after I started practicing, my entire family realized that Dafa is truly amazing!

Kept Safe in a Collision

I was driving a minivan to Lianyang City one day, and was about to make a left turn at a three way intersection, when a tow truck smashed in to me. The minivan spun 180 degrees, removing the bumper. The moment I realized that I was involved in a collision, I shouted, “Master!”

The minivan stopped immediately, and the tow truck ended up in a ditch on the roadside. I was so scared.

Without Masters’ protection I can't imagine what the consequences would have been.

My Youngest Daughter Escaped a Calamity

When my youngest daughter was nine years old, she gave her younger cousin a ride on her bicycle. As they were cycling along, a tractor ran into them.

At first sight, it looked like the tractor had driven over them. My husband grabbed a stick and was ready to beat the driver. However, as soon as he got there, he saw that only a pair of shoes was under the tractor, and the two children were standing by the curb.

My daughter said that she felt the tractor’s wheel pressing down on her left foot, but she didn’t feel any pain. A passerby who witnessed the incident said that the gods must have protected them.

My Granddaughter’s Rare Disease Was Healed

My granddaughter was diagnosed with a rare disease when she was a year old. The doctor told us that there were only a few cases like this in all of Shandong Province, and the probability of a cure was fairly slim. He also mentioned that even if we spent all of our money, it wouldn’t mean that she would be healed.

My daughter and son-in-law researched her disease on the Internet, and came to the same conclusion.

My daughter called to update me on my granddaughter's situation. She said, “Mom, didn’t you say that Dafa can rectify all abnormal conditions? Can you please help me, and babysit her?”

The next day, she brought her daughter over to stay with me for a while.

I was tied up with my own business at the time, and mostly forgot to give her the medication she was prescribed. However, I always remembered to have her listen to Master’s recorded lectures. I also taught her to say, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” and often had her recite it with me.

She was often by my side, reciting the words, when I was out putting up truth-clarification posters. She also gave me a hand when we went out to distribute brochures.

We were applying to take her to a daycare center eight months later, and had to go through a physical examination. I was afraid to see the results, but it turned out that she was fine. My daughter later told me that my granddaughter had been to Qingdao City twice for physical examinations, and both results showed that she was fine. The results even surprised her doctor.

My Daughter Safely Delivered a Healthy Baby after Sincerely Reciting, “Falun Dafa is Good!”

When my daughter had a C-section delivery for her first baby in 2011, her doctor told her that she had to wait three years before getting pregnant again. However, she unexpectedly became pregnant two years later, and didn’t want to have an abortion.

She visited two hospitals for examinations about a month before she was due. The results from both were the same. She was told she would be at risk if she went through with the birth.

She called me that evening. After hearing her results, I said, “If you believe in the Buddha Fa’s mighty virtue, it will help you. Please recite Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Let your family recite it as well.” She listened to me, and spent the whole night reciting it.

Two days later, my daughter and son-in-law went to the hospital for her check-up. There was only one male doctor in the gynecology department. After he finished the examination, he told my daughter that she was doing just fine. My son-in-law was a bit hesitant, but said to the doctor, “Could you please double check that, please?” The doctor didn't seem to like this question, so my son-in-law had to explain what the other doctors told them.

The doctor did another thorough examination, and slammed his hand on the table, saying, “Their diagnosis was wrong. She's doing well. We’ll give you a call on her scheduled due date.”

My son-in-law wondered how she could have improved so quickly. My daughter told him what I said to her, and that she followed my suggestion for two nights. He felt it was truly miraculous.

A month later, my daughter gave birth to a healthy boy. All of the family were very excited, and truly saw that Dafa is wonderful.