(Minghui.org) The evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can be clearly seen during the coronavirus outbreak. The following information might be useful to incorporate when clarifying the truth to people.

Controlling Medical Supplies

Basic medical supplies, such as face masks and ethanol, are no longer available in the market, whether it is inside or outside a containment zone. When it comes to advanced medical supplies, such as hazmat suits and eye protectors, it is as if they were nonexistent.

One of my friends told me that the hospital where he works cannot offer N95 face masks, a special mask for infection prevention, to infected patients. They have to use UV radiation to clean regular masks and use them repeatedly. People nowadays consider N95 masks luxury items and the best gift for the best friends.

So, where do the medical supplies go? My coworkers ordered some masks online, but the sellers later told them that they would be refunded because the masks had been taken away by the government.

A friend of mine who works for a medical supply company said he and his coworkers had tried all of their connections but still couldn’t get masks. When they heard a factory was able to produce the mask, they waited outside of the factory for a few days. But the factory didn't let them in, telling them that they couldn’t sell to non-government agencies. They saw government trucks taking loads of supplies from the factory.

The central and local governments are calling for donations of supplies. One of my friends tried really hard and obtained some supplies, but the government forced him to “donate” them. At train stations and bus stations, government officials appropriate the trucks that carry medical supplies. One friend of mine working in customs said that supplies from overseas sources are also being confiscated. So, no supply is available to the general public.

All the factories have sped up making the supplies, but people cannot find them. The government has accumulated a lot of supplies through channels like withholding and donation. In Wuhan, people saw a truck with the license plate A0250W, a truck from the provincial government office, take a load of masks from the Red Cross office. The driver claimed that they were for government leaders. My workplace has some infection prevention supplies, but the leaders have priority in using them, and other people have to wait for the leftovers.

To guarantee the supply to officials, the government controls the market supply. Only the leftovers are used in the hospitals. The market nowadays is full of fake products. Yet the CCP still claims that “all the supplies have been used in epidemic areas.”


The police, cell phone carriers, and internet companies have been really busy censoring the information that tries to publicize the epidemic. In the beginning, eight doctors who exposed the outbreak were punished. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the facts were deleted from websites and social media. Some people in my area who put up information on social media were threatened by the police. Many people's social media accounts are permanently locked.

Some of my friends work at the public health or epidemic prevention departments. When I asked them about the truth, they all told me that they were not allowed to talk about it and told me to read the news released by the government. One of them told me some facts about the local hospital at the beginning, but later he refused to tell me the details.

By the Communist Party's definition, a piece of information is a rumor as long as it differs from the Party’s own view. All workplaces told employees “not to spread or believe the rumors.” My workplace forces us to post so-called “positive news” of the epidemic on our social media, and we must make “positive comments” below the news pieces. All the comments will be checked. After being published on social media, a snapshot of the comment will be saved and submitted to the authorities. The number of positive comments will be reported to the government too.

The censorship silenced the truth about the epidemic and painted a “positive picture” that helps keep the Party in power.

Extreme Approaches of Epidemic Prevention

The CCP's fear of the outbreak is more severe than ours because only they know how bad the situation is. To prevent the virus from spreading further, the CCP has taken all kinds of extreme approaches., such as closing all the roads to villages or resident subdivisions and strictly regulating the flow in and out of the subdivisions.

Many people cannot go home or go to work. If one person is suspected to be infected, the whole apartment building will be blocked off, and the residents cannot go out for groceries. When there are a few confirmed cases in a county, the government shuts down the whole county.

For every family, only one person can go out for groceries once a day. Most of the public buses are stopped. Only a few routes are operating for an hour at three periods. All the businesses and factories, except for grocery stores and hospitals, are closed. Even the small clinics and convenience stores are forced to close. The hours of grocery stores are reduced. Hotels are told to vacate guests, and rooms are used to isolate infected people.

The extreme approaches seemingly slow down the spread of the virus temporarily, but if the epidemic does not end in the near future, how would people live? Would these approaches cause other problems? The shutdowns have already caused people to buy up all the daily supplies and food. Small businesses are worried about their finances, and students cannot go to school. The fear and practical problems caused by these extreme approaches are not being considered by the CCP. 

Above is some information that I've learned. I hope that fellow practitioners will treat the epidemic rationally. When clarifying the truth, we can add some local information to expose the evil nature of the CCP.