(Minghui.org) Many cities in China are being sealed off in an effort to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Some subdivisions only leave one exit open and it is guarded by staff from the residential committee around the clock.

Only one person per household is only allowed to out to shop for groceries each day, with a pass issued by the government. 

In my opinion, when people stop at the exit to check in or check out, it actually increases the chance of infection. And the staff on duty there also face a great risk of being infected themselves. If they were infected with the virus, they would also be unknowingly spreading the virus.

So far, I haven’t seen the government taking any really effective measures to contain the virus. They have done much more to control the information about it. 

Many cases of infection and death are going unreported. Whistleblowers are reprimanded and punished. The internet in some regions in Hubei Province has been shut down.

There is evidence that the government already knew about human-to-human transmission at the beginning of the outbreak, but officials denied it on TV and claimed that the virus was “controllable and preventable.”

Believing the official reports, many people didn’t take proper measures to protect themselves and were later infected.

Such cover-ups can’t solve the fundamental problem, but it is likely to make the situation worse.

It’s imperative for the Chinese and the rest of the world to understand that the communist government in China is a totalitarian regime. This is a government that is willing to do anything to maintain its power, regardless of the cost of human life. I hope all Chinese can distance themselves from the Communist Party and choose a bright future for themselves.