(Minghui.org) China has locked down many cities and smaller communities in its attempt to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

While some people praise such strict measures as the advantage of the communist system for being able to mobilize the entire nation and take drastic moves despite public sentiment, many others have a different opinion.

Looking deeper into the coronavirus situation, one can find that from virus prevention to treatment, and from decision making to informing the public, what has happened in China has not demonstrated any advantages of the communist government, but rather the inherent cruel nature of the system. 

According to research papers published by Chinese scientists, it is evident that the healthcare communities both in the epicenter of the virus, Wuhan, and at the national level had enough information about the virus transmission at the early stages of its appearance. But instead of taking proper action in preventing the spread of the virus or educating the public, the government covered it up.

One expert who went to Wuhan to investigate the epidemic admitted to news reporters that the government handled the epidemic “too lightly.” 

However, is this “taking it lightly” just a human error or an inevitable result of the system itself?

To justify the legitimacy of its power, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claims that it is the “choice of history” for China to take the communist path. 

To further substantiate the claim, the CCP has been going all out to glorify the communist system and hide anything negative. That’s why on one hand the communist Propaganda Department told everyone “how great my country is,” while on the other hand, the regime keeps improving its great firewall and continues to block its citizens from reading true information on the Internet.

When it comes to controlling the epidemic, what to do and when to take action also depends on the Party’s political agenda. 

When SARS was spreading widely in 2003, the CCP was holding its rubber-stamp-natured, but highly-politically-important People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. When the novel coronavirus broke out in Wuhan and Hubei Province in 2020, the Chinese New Year was coming. In both cases, how to handle the epidemics came down to how to maintain the glorious image of the Party, but not how to save people’s lives.

Thus, there was not much public warning or effective prevention during those critical early time periods. The virus kept spreading. The Chinese public paid a huge price for the country’s “stability” and “apparent prosperity.”

As China continues its fight against the virus, serving the Communist Party’s political goal will continue to be the main decision factor of the communist state machine and officials. The decision on how many infected cases to confirm and report, how many patients to admit to hospitals for treatment, and how much information to release to the public, will all be driven by what the Party wants.

Undoubtedly, the Party will continue sending out positive stories and demonstrating its “system advantages.” Its propaganda experts will continue turning such a disaster into a showcase of how the “great” Party leads the Chinese people to success.

For Chinese people, it is important to realize that the outbreak of coronavirus in China is a tragedy caused by the communist system. The best way to save oneself is to understand the evil nature of the CCP and quit this ruthless organization.