(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa for 22 years. All of my illnesses were healed and my family has benefited. I learned to be considerate of others when there are conflicts and to take personal interest lightly. I live peacefully with my in-laws and help look after other relatives.

My Husband’s Initial Resistance

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started the persecution of Falun Dafa in 1999. Many Chinese people believed the lies spread by the CCP and had negative feelings toward Dafa.

My husband said to me one day, “We had a meeting, the government banned Falun Dafa.”

I replied, “Why? Falun Dafa teaches people to be good. Is it wrong to be a good person?”

He refused to listen to me and told me not to practice anymore. I explained that I understood he was being pressured because of his work but I would not stop practicing, even if he threatened me with divorce.

He then said I could just do it at home, but had to stay away from other practitioners.

I went on hanging up posters and distributing brochures about Falun Dafa as usual. My husband would get upset if he caught me.

Once he went out with a relative. I took the opportunity to pick up some pamphlets from another practitioner. He came back earlier than expected and became angry when he saw me bringing the pamphlets home.

He said sternly, “What you are doing will affect our child’s future, and we want to keep our jobs. Don’t you care about our family?” He refused to listen to my explanation.

After that, he would be in a bad mood when he saw me reading Falun Dafa literature, doing the meditation, or sending forth righteous thoughts. He was especially upset when I studied the Fa with our daughter. I started to resent my husband and found him annoying.

I didn’t have much contact with other practitioners and my cultivation state slackened. This went on for over five years. I then ran into a practitioner I knew. We talked a lot, and I learned that many practitioners studied the Fa together, some even memorized Zhuan Falun. She invited me to join her Fa-study group.

After joining the study group, I also started to memorize Zhuan Falun. Through intensive Fa-study, my cultivation state improved. I started to pay more attention to my own behavior and how to balance my cultivation and family life.

Master Li said:

“If you can help your family members to start cultivating, that’s best of course. But if they can’t cultivate, then you have to ensure that they are beings who can be saved, and at a minimum, be good people so that they may enjoy good rewards one day.” (“Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan”, Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

Upon reading this paragraph, I realized my husband also came to this world for the Fa. He was not a practitioner and was against my practicing. This could not come from his true self. His compassionate side was blinded by the CCP’s propaganda. I felt sorry for my husband, regretted my impatience and stopped resenting him.

A Turning Point in Our Relationship

Master saw my desire to save my husband and enlightened me in many ways. My husband likes listening to the radio, so I downloaded stories about Chinese mythology and cultivation from the Minghui website. He enjoyed listening to them.

I gradually introduced Dafa-themed songs and books to him. I took it slow. As long as he was willing to watch and listen to the truth, the ideology ingrained by the CCP over the years was being eliminated.

My husband changed. He started to smile more and became supportive of my cultivation. I started to host Fa-study groups in our home.

He joined our study group after listening to Master Li's (the founder) lecture series. Even though he is not yet a Falun Dafa practitioner, he became very thoughtful and kind to others.

Ms. Wu is the janitor in our apartment complex. She is over sixty years old and walks with a limp. Collecting the cleaning fee from every family in the complex is not easy for her. My husband said, “Ms. Wu works hard, why don’t I help her by collecting the fees from our unit?” I thought his suggestion was a nice idea.

He has been doing this now for four years. Collecting cleaning fees from the families is not easy. Some want a receipt, and some refuse to pay. My husband never gets angry. He believes he is doing a good deed and what others say does not matter.

When we give the money to Ms. Wu every month, she always says, “Thank you, you are a good person.”

Master Li taught us:

“Many Chinese people aren’t attentive to little things. For example, when you enter a store and someone is behind you, you don’t bother with anything else after opening the door, and the door bangs shut behind you. If the onlooker is a Caucasian he will be really angry, for you are harming his culture and he doesn’t consider it a small thing.” (Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference)

My husband changed his behavior according to Master’s teaching. He also started to pay attention to small things, such as holding doors for people behind him.

Speaking Up for Dafa

During the 2008 Olympics, there were people on the streets appointed by the government to monitor practitioners. My husband chatted with his colleagues who said that the reason for tight security was to prevent destructive behavior by Falun Dafa practitioners.

My husband responded, “Falun Dafa practitioners would never do such a thing, they are good people.”

Someone else added, “That is correct, my neighbors practice Falun Dafa and they are good people, not like what they are saying on TV.” Their conversation influenced those who were listening.

My husband works in human resources. A teacher was not on the list to be reviewed for promotion because he practiced Falun Dafa and was not considered to be qualified. My husband argued that the rule did not single out Falun Dafa practitioners. He was able to include this teacher on the list to be reviewed.

My husband interacts with many people at work. He is friendly and fair. Others like to work with him. He was often presented with gifts and invited out for dinner. He used to accept them but stopped after learning Master’s teaching on loss and gain.

He says he finally leads a truly happy life! Dafa improved my husband’s morals and transformed him into someone who embraces compassion.