(Minghui.org) I'm 69 years old. I was so fortunate to learn about Falun Dafa in June 2017, which was a turning point in my life. My health improved and my outlook on life became positive. Master Li (the founder) gave my family and me a new life.

Bitter Life

Before I started practicing I suffered from multiple illnesses for years. I had angina pectoris and often had severe chest pain. It felt as if a steel needle was piercing my heart and the pain ran up all the way up to my ear. One day the pain was so intense that I collapsed. I also suffered abdominal pain; my abdomen became so distended that people thought I was pregnant.

I was hospitalized many times and the treatment costs my family a lot of money. However, nothing was effective in curing my illnesses. My family's finances were already strained and all my medical expenses made our lives even more difficult.

To add to our family's burden, my son developed severe depression and would leave home for long periods of time; sometimes he was gone for a couple of months, other times he was gone for a year. Despite my pain, I walked the entire city looking for him. Holding his picture I asked everyone I met whether they'd seen him.

My daughter-in-law had to go out of town to find work to pay for my two granddaughters’ schooling. Even though I was ill I had to work. I pulled weeds for others, earning five yuan an hour.

Since the hospitals couldn't cure my illnesses, I turned to low-level shamanistic practices and worshiped foxes and snakes, however, I kept getting worse. Even my legs and feet began hurting, and sometimes I couldn't even move a step because of the pain. Eventually, I became unable to climb stairs; as soon as I touched the stair rail, my foot felt a sharp pain as if I were electrocuted.

I became a burden to my loved ones. I couldn't even cook or do simple household chores. My granddaughter had to help me wash. When I went outside my grandchildren had to support me. Because the wind hurt my eyes my entire head had to be covered.

Tortured by these illnesses, I spent my days in bed waiting for death to end my suffering.

Practicing Dafa Turned My Life Around

When a practitioner heard about my dire situation she told me about Falun Dafa and lent me the book Zhuan Falun. I started reading it. I never dreamed that my misery would end. However, after I finished reading Zhuan Falun my physical and mental conditions changed drastically. 

All my pain disappeared! I could walk to the fourth floor without even stopping to rest and I felt as if someone was pushing me up the stairs. My distended belly became flat and I began having normal bowel movements. My heart disease also disappeared. I became illness-free and no longer needed others to take care of me. I immediately burned the tablets for the animals I'd been worshiping.

Now, at the age of 67, I'm full of energy! I'm a janitor for a property management company. The other janitors sweep and clean two buildings but I take care of three buildings; each building has seven stories.

I run up and down the stairs every day. When the residents ask me, “Don't you feel tired?” I tell them, “No.” Everyone said, “This older lady is amazing. At her age she can still do janitor work.”

One day, I got a deep cut on my hand and it bled heavily. My younger granddaughter was worried the wound would get infected and wanted me to go to the hospital for a tetanus shot. I said, “Don’t worry the wound will heal by tomorrow.” She didn't believe me, but my faith in Master and Dafa did not waver. I said, “I had multiple illnesses and some of them were very serious; they are all gone. Such a small cut is not a concern.”

The next day the deep cut was gone without even a scar. My granddaughter was amazed and became very supportive of my practicing Falun Dafa.

When my older granddaughter returned home at the end of the semester, I talked to her about Falun Dafa. She argued with me. Her sister told her, “Stop arguing with grandma. Her wound healed miraculously!”

My Family Members Also Benefit

I've practiced Falun Dafa for nearly two years now. Not only have I benefited physically and mentally, but my family members also benefited. My younger granddaughter's grades skyrocketed.

After New Year's Eve last year, my son recovered from his depression. He was able to work and help pay for my granddaughters’ schooling. His recovery greatly reduced my daughter-in-law's burden. When he returned home last winter he helped me to do my job and housework.

Falun Dafa is truly amazing! I never felt such joy and happiness! My life changed dramatically since I started practicing. Thank you Master for compassionately saving me and my family. Thank you for ending my miserable days and teaching me to be a good person with compassion and high virtue.