(Minghui.org) The novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan has spread to more than 100 countries around the world. I’d like to share with fellow practitioners some of my thoughts. Everything discussed below is my personal understanding and I urge fellow practitioners to refer to the Fa for guidance.

The old forces have never stopped interfering with Master in the Fa rectification. At my current cultivation level, I saw that they have arranged three rounds of elimination of people, all through plagues. The SARS in 2003 was the first one, which was mostly contained in China and had a relatively small scale. The coronavirus is the second one, which has had a much bigger impact than SARS. After this, there would be a third round, which is the final elimination and most deadly.

It is my understanding that the novel coronavirus is a mutant derived from SARS and has become more deadly and harder to contain. A lot more people have died from the novel virus this time than SARS. But similar to SARS, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is covering up all information and no one really knows how many people have died.

One characteristic of the novel coronavirus is that many virus carriers don’t show any symptoms and the incubation time is very long. I saw that the old forces have arranged for everyone that they think should be eliminated to get infected at one point or another.

I also saw that the asymptomatic virus carriers were arranged to serve as time bombs, waiting to explode during the final round of elimination. By then, the virus would have already spread to every corner of the world, and all those infected would die within days or even hours at designated times, leaving no time for prevention or control measures. No medical treatment would be effective either.

Why do the old forces make such arrangements of three rounds of elimination? There is a Chinese saying, “Not to do anything more than three times.” I came to the realization that the saying is also a principle at higher levels and that the old forces are following this principle. They gave people a light warning with the SARS epidemic. This time, it’s a more severe warning. If people still don’t wake up, the final round would bring disastrous consequences.

The CCP once claimed that the epidemic would end around late April. As the CCP is controlled by the old forces, my understanding is that the latter has indeed arranged for the outbreak to end in April, which is probably why no other places in China have had that many infection cases and deaths as in Wuhan.

I think the old forces have really made very sophisticated plans to destroy mankind. How the CCP handled the epidemic has helped many people see through the CCP's deceit and cover-up. If the epidemic were to continue for a long time, more and more people would have awakened and broken free from the CCP.

This would not be favorable to the CCP. As a result, I saw that on one hand the old forces are eliminating people with the virus, and on the other hand they are arranging for the epidemic to end soon and controlling the CCP’s propaganda apparatus to praise its “victory” in the battle against the virus.

Such tactics could lead some people who have awaken to the CCP’s evil nature to fall prey to its propaganda again and become appreciative of what the CCP has done to “save” them. In that case, their minds would be controlled by the CCP again.

When the third round of elimination hits, people would not be given any chance to make choices. But the old forces might argue that people have already made their choices and everyone has to be responsible for their own choices. This is how evil the old forces are.

The epidemic also serves as a test for Dafa disciples. Some fellow practitioners are still attached to time. At the beginning of the epidemic, some practitioners started to think, “Looks like everything is really going to end now.” But when the epidemic situation gets better and everything returns to normal, such practitioners might lose their faith in the Fa or even enlighten along a warped path. The old forces see this very clearly.

We shouldn’t be moved by any situation in the human world. As Master has always told us, we should earnestly do the three things well and hurry to save people from the hands of the old forces. The final elimination won’t be long from now, but one can easily become lax and lose the motivation to do well during this period.