(Minghui.org) The Minghui.org website has invited Falun Dafa practitioners worldwide to submit their experience-sharing articles for the upcoming 21st World Falun Dafa Day. I would like to share some of my understandings about this.

Many people in China became infected with the coronavirus just before the new year. It has now spread to various countries around the world, and thousands of people have died. This is largely due to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) concealing the scope of the epidemic in China, or that it even existed. We may never know how many people in China became sick and died.

My understanding is that this year's Falun Dafa Day event is very meaningful. This is an opportunity that Master is giving all practitioners worldwide to form one body and eliminate the evils, to help us save sentient beings on a large scale.

Master tells us that Falun Dafa practitioners’ cultivation is unprecedented, and the path that we've walked is admired by high-level beings. Shouldn't we record our cultivation stories and the process through which we've elevated to a higher level? We should use our energy field that is filled with a cultivator’s pure benevolence and righteous thoughts to disintegrate the negative things behind people so that they can awaken and be saved. This is also validating the greatness and magnificence of the Fa.

The CCP concealing this deadly virus has allowed the world's people to see its evil nature even more clearly, including decades of murdering Chinese people, and lying to the world. As the coronavirus rages on in China, the Party continues hiding the true situation and holds events to promote its “Great, Honorable, and Correct” image.

Presented with this stark contrast between compassion and evil, people will naturally choose kindness and forsake the evil. This is also a precious chance, given by our benevolent great Master, for the sentient beings to understand the truth and be saved in the face of an impending calamity.

If every practitioner can actively participate in this year’s World Falun Dafa Day by submitting experience-sharing articles, and empowering it with righteous thoughts, many of the negative factors in other dimensions that are blocking people from knowing the truth will be eliminated.

The rapid spread of the coronavirus warns us that very little time is time left for practitioners to save people. When the virus was first identified the practitioners inside China all felt an increased urgency to save people, and overcame many obstacles to go out and do this. All practitioners should cherish and make good use of our limited chances to save people and to cultivate ourselves.

Please kindly correct me if my understanding is incorrect.