(Minghui.org) Practitioners Mr. Zhao Xinli and his wife Zhao Jinhua live in Tayayi Village, Tayayi Township, Laiyuan County, Baoding City in Hebei Province. The couple was arrested and detained at the Tayayi Township Police Station on January 30, 2020. The wife was taken to the county hospital to have her blood pressure measured. When the doctor learned that they were arrested because they had posted a poem, he said to police: “Is such an action important enough to detain her?”

In fact, Mr. and Mrs. Zhao were constantly monitored by a villager as arranged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials. The villager took a video of a couplet that Mr. Zhao posted on his entrance containing words about Falun Dafa, and sent it to the township party secretary.

The party secretary instructed the township police to arrest them and interrogate them. Mr. Zhao was later released, but his wife was to be detained for five days.

However, the detention center refused to admit Mrs. Zhao because of her high blood pressure. The police did not give up, but brought her to the hospital to confirm the blood pressure reading. After the doctor understood the facts, he said to the police “It is a lot of bother to detain her.” The doctor then said, “Her diastolic pressure is extremely high at 280 and her systolic pressure is off the scale.” At 6 p.m. the police released Mrs. Zhao.

In China, every village, even a small one with only a few households in the mountains, will have a person, such as a group leader, who works for the CCP and monitors the local farmers. When Dafa practitioners distribute booklets about Falun Dafa, this person will report the practitioners to the police. The mountain people are also afraid of this person, and refuse to talk to practitioners or accept the booklets when the person is present. Otherwise, people rush to take the booklets, even those who can't read.

Some people have said: “Give me a copy, I want to see the pictures of people in the booklet. Even though I can’t read, I will have someone read it to me. "