(Minghui.org) The following story is taken from the ancient Chinese book, Weizheng Shanbao Shilei, which can be translated as Rewarded for Good Deeds in Government Affairs (为政善报事类). The book is a collection of stories compiled under the editorship of Ye Liu. The book is divided into 10 volumes and is a collection of about 112 stories.

Zhang Qing was an officer in the judiciary system in the Song Dynasty. He was honest and prudent. He took care of a lot of detailed tasks himself. He often cleaned the prison gears for inmates. During the hot summer, he would remind the inmates to pay attention to hygiene and do clean up more often to stay healthy.

Zhang Qing also liked to read Buddhist scriptures. When inmates were going through tortures, he would fast for them. When a death-row prisoner was executed, he would chant Buddhist scriptures for him for a whole month.

In the fourth year under the reign of Emperor Jing You, the capital was hit by a plague. Zhang’s wife Yuan passed away after being infected. She was not buried immediately. To all of their surprise, three days later, she suddenly revived.

Yuan told the family what had happened. She said that after she was brought to the underworld, she saw a person in white, tall and skinny. That person said to her with a solemn voice, “Your husband has been kind all his life. He has accumulated a lot of virtue. In his offspring, there will be many high-ranking officials. Why do you come here?”

The person in white held Yuan’s feet and threw her out. Then she woke up.

A year later, Yuan gave birth to a son named Heng. On the third day after Heng was born, a Daoist Master passed by Zhang Qing’s home. Zhang invited him in.

The Daoist said, “You were not supposed to have offspring. Today, when I passed by your house, I heard baby crying. Is this your child?” Zhang told him what happened to his wife.

The Daoist said, “Indeed, you have been doing good deeds and have accumulated mighty virtue. Your offspring will enjoy a prosperous life because of your virtue. Please keep doing what you have been doing. You will see how everything becomes a reality.”

Zhang lived a long life and passed away at the age of 83 without any suffering.

His son Heng later indeed became a high-ranking official. Heng had six sons who were all very accomplished. One of them named Hong had two sons who were also high-ranking officials. Zhang’s family’s story was admired by many. It made people believe that good is indeed rewarded.