(Minghui.org) Ever since the outbreak of the CCP virus (COVID-19), practitioners have been discussing whether or not the virus was arranged by the old forces. Some think we should send forth righteous thoughts to target the pandemic, but local practitioners in our area have different understandings. 

A few articles published recently on pureinsight.org explicitly claimed that practitioners should send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the virus and included quotes from Master Li Hongzhi's teachings to support their arguments. 

In one article, the author said he saw rotten stuff falling onto human bodies during the pandemic. The author said, “We should send forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil behind the pandemic that tries to destroy people.” 

The author of another article said the pandemic is evil interfering with the Fa-rectification and its goal is to destroy people. This author also called on practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the pandemic. The author said, “Facing the disaster imposed by the old forces, isn't sending forth righteous thoughts a true manifestation of salvation?” “Should Dafa disciples ignore things and stay silent during the pandemic, or should we eliminate it for sentient beings and for what Master wants? Isn't this the last scene of the great play of Fa-rectification?”

Although these articles quoted many of Master's words, they intentionally, or unintentionally, didn't quote his teaching about SARS in 2003: 

“The epidemic that's come along in China is dealing with those people. Those who are unsalvageable will be weeded out. It's not me who's doing that--it's the old forces weeding people out. And of course, there are also righteous Gods who are weeding out evil people. When it comes to something this significant, of course, if I didn't agree to it the old forces wouldn't dare do it.” (“Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teaching, Vol. III)

I believe that the understandings in the articles published on pureinsight.org are what the old forces want to see. The evil would like to use practitioners' “righteous thoughts” to shield itself from punishment. So what are the results of these articles? Many practitioners in mainland China read the articles on pureinsight.org, and practitioners in many areas receive Minghui Weekly and Pureinsight Weekly. What negative effects could those articles have?

Minghui.org recently published an article: “My Understanding of the Old Forces' Arrangements for the Wuhan Coronavirus Epidemic.” The author said: “At my current cultivation level, I saw that they have arranged three rounds of elimination of people, all through plagues. The SARS in 2003 was the first one, which was mostly contained in China and was of a relatively small scale. The coronavirus is the second one, which has had a much bigger impact than SARS. After this, there would be a third round, which is the final elimination and the most deadly. 

“We shouldn’t be moved by any situation in the human world. As Master has always told us, we should earnestly do the three things well and hurry to save people from the hands of the old forces. The final elimination won’t be long from now, but one can easily become lax and lose the motivation to do well during this period.”

The author did not call on practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the pandemic. He only said that we should do the three things well. I agree with him.

My understanding is that those who have been eliminated by the pandemic are:

“Those who are unsalvageable.” (“Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teaching, Vol. III

Both the old forces and the righteous gods are involved, and Master agrees to it. So the pandemic is not “interference to the Fa-rectification to destroy people” as some practitioners have thought.

Master told us about this during the SARS epidemic in 2003. Back then the old forces were still pretty strong. They had the power to make arrangements to weed people out. But now, at the end of Fa-rectification, the situation has changed. Master said: 

“Then wouldn’t you say the fire is about to die out? That is what’s about to happen.” (Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference, Team Yellow Translation) 

The old forces have now been eliminated to a great extent. Although the arrangements they made in history are still in effect, the force that is really working comes from the righteous gods. Moreover, just like the last time during SARS, Master has agreed to it (this is my personal understanding). Compared with SARS, this pandemic has a clearer direction—it clearly targets the CCP and countries that are close to the CCP. The selective weeding out helps awaken people. 

Master's new article “Stay Rational” has been published. We should be more rational. The pandemic targets countries and cities that are close to the CCP, such as Iran and Italy, but not those that are close to China geographically but reject the CCP, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. The editorial staff of the Epoch Times, which wrote the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, clearly pointed out: “The gods are benevolent and just. Gods are watching each person's heart. One's choice and one's behavior determine one's fate.” 

As a country, an organization, or an individual, keeping away from the CCP, quitting the CCP, and rejecting the CCP will help defend against infection from the virus and will help bring about a wonderful future. 

The selective weeding out is not something that the evil old forces were able to arrange. Master has said that the tsunami in Asia was arranged by the old forces. My understanding is that it was not a selective weeding out. There was no persecution of Dafa in those countries, and the countries that suffered, such as Indonesia, are against the CCP. The tsunami could not awaken people, because it had nothing to do with the evil CCP.

My understanding is that the old forces arranged this pandemic in history, but during the Fa-rectification, the old forces have been eliminated and are now very few. They lack the strength to carry out their arrangements. The righteous gods are now directing the trend, steering the pandemic to target the CCP, and weeding out those who are not savable, which can awaken people and help them abandon the CCP.

Many practitioners in my area believe that deaths on such a large scale must be the work of the old forces and that we could have saved those people who've died during this pandemic. I think this is an everyday person's notion. An article on pureinsight.org said that the pandemic has interfered with Shen Yun's performances, so we should send forth righteous thoughts to target the pandemic. I also believe that this is a wrong understanding.

In my opinion, this pandemic has a clear target—the CCP. In history, if an emperor could look inward for his own mistakes and correct them, the damage caused by an epidemic could be lessened. From the standpoint of traditional culture, the governments of each country should think about their mistakes and distance themselves from the CCP. They should also promote Shen Yun to save their people.

But no government is now doing that. Instead, countries have taken ineffective measures and implemented social distancing, which interferes with Shen Yun's tours and practitioners' truth clarification activities. These measures are truly arrangements by the old forces. What we should do is send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the old forces behind these measures. Our target should not be the pandemic itself.