(Minghui.org) I will never forget March 7, 1997. On that day, I had a miraculous encounter with Falun Dafa, and my heart disease, which had caused me unbearable suffering, disappeared without a trace!

It was so incredible—I found it hard to believe. I was not practicing Falun Dafa at that time, nor had I read any Falun Dafa books, let alone seen the Master of Falun Dafa in person. The only thing I did was say, “I want to practice Falun Dafa.” 

Master said,

“When one's Buddha-nature emerges, it will shake the World of Ten Directions.” Whoever see it will come to give a hand and help this person out unconditionally.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

Only after I started practicing Falun Dafa did I understand what happened to me then—Master Li was aware that I wanted to practice Dafa, and with boundless compassion, saved my life.

I Used to Be a Chronic Invalid 

I started having headaches and dizziness in 1960 and later developed stomach pain, as my frequent use of painkillers damaged my stomach. I could not eat properly and became rather weak. I caught colds easily and developed other health problems, such as low blood pressure, an inflamed gallbladder, gynecological issues, a herniated lumbar disc, etc. Quite simply, I was a chronic invalid.

I was hospitalized two or three times a year, which made life for my family and children very difficult. My poor health also impacted my work, and life was very depressing. As time went on, I became too weak to take any medication, and was also allergic to injections. 

Out of desperation, I started to teach myself qigong beginning in the 1980s. I bought many books and subscribed to a variety of publications for healing illnesses, with no idea if they were authentic or not. 

I felt a little better at first, but as more and more qigong books started to appear on the market, many of them being fake, I became disorientated and messed up my body with a variety of practices.

I was dealt another blow in 1996 when I developed heart disease. No medication or qigong exercise seemed to help. It kept getting worse. I had tightness in the chest, and when angina pectoris struck, I could barely breathe, as the slightest movement caused crucifying pain. I could not lie down, even at night. My life was a living hell.

An Auspicious Day

I called a friend one day, who was home on sick-leave, to ask how she was. 

She told me she had given up the qigong practice she was doing and started practicing Falun Dafa at therecommendation of her siblings—and she was feeling much better. 

I trusted my friend, and said to her, “I want to practice Falun Dafa, too.”

After our conversation, I started looking for information about Falun Dafa. I remembered seeing a brief introduction of the practice in one of the magazines I had. I found it and read it through. There were also some picture of the exercises, which I couldn't quite understand. 

A little while later, my brother-in-law dropped in to say hello. 

He said jokingly, “How come you can talk so well now and you look so much better? Have you taken some magic potion?”

“He's right,” I thought to myself. “I have been talking a lot today and I don't even feel any tightness in my chest!”

“Nothing much,” I replied. “I was just reading something about Falun Dafa,” I told him.

“Wow! Falun Dafa must be magic!” 

It was true—when I was reading the Falun Dafa introduction and trying to learn the exercise movements, I felt no discomfort and was breathing like normal. 

“Do you think I am cured?” I wondered aloud. “But I haven’t even started to practice, and have not read any Falun Dafa books.” 

I told my brother-in-law that a neighbor had introduced Falun Dafa to me the year before and showed me a book, but I didn't take it.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” he exclaimed. “Go and get the book!” 

I changed into some nice clothes after he left, and went to my neighbor's house. I had not left the house for nearly a year by then and felt quite emotional as I walked down the stairs.

My neighbor was very happy to see me and to hear that I was feeling well. She handed me the book Zhuan Falun with both hands. I didn't understand how precious the book was at the time and started to read it with a sense of curiosity.

I told my niece what had happened that day when she came home from work. She was very happy for me, too. I had a good appetite that evening and even did the washing up. “Am I truly well?” I thought to myself. 

I started to read the book again at bedtime, reading page after page, until I finished it at 4:00 a.m.

I could not remember much of what I had read, but I clearly remembered that the book was teaching people to be good by following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and guiding people to cultivate Buddhahood. 

But I thought that was something too far-fetched for me and that I would be happy if I could just be healthy again. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Testament to a Miracle

The neighbor's daughter came to ask me to go jogging with her early the next morning. I was rather surprised because I didn't know her that well and we never had anything to do with each other in the past. Furthermore, I wasn't even sure if I was up to jogging.

“Do you think I can jog?” I asked with some doubt.

“Of course you can, come on,” she assured me. 

Out of politeness, I went with her. 

We jogged slowly for about a kilometer before we came to a reservoir with a gully next to it. The neighbor's daughter ran down the gully and up the other side and called me to follow her. 

“Could I do that?” I wasn't too sure. Then I thought, “I've jogged all this way without any problem. I should be fine.”

So I ran down the gully and up the other side, too. I felt a little tired, but I was breathing easily. We walked along the reservoir for a while and jogged back home. Surprisingly, I didn't feel tired at all, nor did I feel any discomfort. 

When we got back, my neighbor's daughter said to me, “You have truly recovered. Don't worry anymore.”

I felt so happy even though I could not understand at that time how I’d regained my health and strength just like that, literally overnight. It's not something that modern science could explain. I felt that my experience that morning was no less than a miracle.

I later understood that Master had arranged it to help me let go of the doubt I still had about the practice due to the Chinese Communist Party’s atheistic brainwashing. Thank you, Master, for your boundless compassion!

By reading the book again and again, I understood many things that I didn't understand in the past, and began to conduct myself according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in my daily life. I became a much happier person and my temperament also changed for the better. 

I'm 78 years old now and in complete good health. I go out every day and don't feel tired when I walk up the stairs to the fourth floor where I live. I can do all kinds of household chores. 

I'm sharing my story in the hope that people will seize this precious opportunity. It's a blessing to know “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”