(Minghui.org) I was listening to a song produced by a Dafa practitioner, “Helping You Overcome the Disaster,” one night. My mind and body became tranquil, and a sense of compassion gently flowed throughout my body and wet my eyes. 

Looking at the vast starry sky, my soul seemed to have melted in the sea of stars. The world was enveloped in peace, and the lights of the households in my neighborhood seemed brighter than normal. Then an indescribable joy filled my heart, and I started to sing along, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good...”

Music and Medicine

I like to listen to songs and music composed by Dafa practitioners. They soothe my soul and calm me down. 

In traditional Chinese culture, the five elements—metal, wood, water, fire, and earth—were believed to correlate with five sounds which then correspond to the five human internal organs. This is why the words “music” and “medicine” are homophones in Chinese and leads to the interpretation that music can play the role of medicine. Listening to music often pacifies people's minds.

With the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus still raging around the world, Dafa songs are like medicine for the soul. They can heal the hurt, fear, and sorrow within us.

Dafa Songs Calm My Students

When I taught school, one of my duties was to monitor the students during lunch and the extended break before afternoon classes. This duty could be more exhausting than teaching, because the students were mischievous and wild. Not knowing what to do with them one day, I began to play Dafa songs. Surprisingly, they all calmed down and relaxed—some began to nap, some read books, and peace reigned in the classroom. 

After that, the students asked me to play Dafa songs for them, and I learned to cherish this break time. 

Singing Dafa Songs to Guards

I was arrested for my faith in Falun Dafa. When I was interrogated, I began to hum a song from Shen Yun. The police officer looked at me in surprise and said, “The song you're humming is so beautiful!”

When I was held in a detention center, another practitioner and I sang Dafa songs together in the courtyard at the break. Her voice was so beautiful that it got everyone’s attention. When she sang “Ode to Master,” tears rolled down my cheeks. The inmates seemed to have been touched by the song as well. When I sang “Be Saved,” many inmates surrounded me, and one of them commented, “That song is so nice, why don’t you sing it again!”

I was later transferred to a prison where practitioners were forbidden to talk to each other. So when everyone was doing laundry in the washroom, we hummed Dafa songs together. Only Dafa disciples could understand this unique way of communicating—Dafa songs strengthened our righteous thoughts in that dark environment.

I Have a “Smart” Car

Playing only Dafa songs, my car always worked well for me. However, when my brother drove it during the years I was incarcerated, he did not have much luck with it. He complained that it had bad gas mileage and suggested that I get another car.

Everything has feelings. My car took me to distribute Dafa materials to people for years and was nourished by Dafa songs. Soon after I began to play Dafa songs again, my car returned to normal. My brother found that baffling.