(Minghui.org) Every Falun Dafa practitioner knows the urgency of saving people. This has been highlighted by recent events, including the CCP virus (coronavirus) pandemic. The following describes some scenes that practitioners have seen in other dimensions through their celestial eyes.

Tragic Scene

Ms. Li saw that about 70% to 80% of the world'’s people, including some who seemed to be practitioners, contracted a virus. The virus seemed to wait for an order. When it was time, a sudden outbreak occurred. Those infected died within a few hours, or sometimes had symptoms for one or two days beforehand. All those who contracted the virus died. Those who had less karma suffered less, whereas those who had accumulated large amounts of karma died in great pain.

The virus onset was so sudden that there was no time to go to the hospital, and every area was locked down. The roads were lined with the dead bodies of people who were trying to get help. Regardless of their gender, age, or profession, the virus struck them down.

After seeing these scenes, Ms. Li said she became very depressed, and still experiences a sadness she can’t express in words. She also mentioned other calamities, such as floods, droughts, wars, locusts, famine, and high temperatures, which would all start happening very soon.

People Anxiously Seek To Be Saved

Soon after Ms. Lin began doing the sitting meditation early on the morning of May 24, 2020, she saw many people passing by her. They were dressed in modern clothing, which looked drab and gray. They all looked as depressed and gray as their clothing. Noticing Ms. Lin they knelt in front her and said, “Help us! Please help us!” Several others came and also knelt down, kowtowed, and did heshi saying, “Save us! Please save us!”

Throughout the following days, Ms. Lin said this scene kept replaying in her mind. She wept each time. She has been going out with other practitioners to clarify the facts to people for several years. This scene made her truly feel the responsibilities she was shouldering, and that she needed to seize the time to save more people.

In another scene she saw a large pond filled with dying people. Most of them had only their heads above water. They raised their hands, begging for help, struggling to get out, but it was too late.

Master’s Benevolent Tears

When Ms. Lin was sending forth righteous thoughts on the afternoon of May 31, 2020, she saw Master in tears for the countless sentient beings, coming calamities, and practitioners who still were holding on to their attachments.

When she saw this, Ms. Lin was also in tears. She said this was not the first time she had seen Master weep.

Attachment of Pursuit Manifested in Other Dimensions

Some practitioners still have very strong attachments. In other dimensions, their attachments to pursuit appeared to be a being that was half-dragon and half-fish. It flew through the air, and exhaled a great wind from its mouth. When Ms. Lin and Ms. Ding began sending forth righteous thoughts, this evil being disappeared.

Interference from the Internet

The children of many practitioners believe everything that is published on the Internet. This information influences modern society’s notions of what’s good or bad. In other dimensions practitioners have seen many poisonous snakes, worms, and other rotten beings that possess the Internet and manipulate the people who post information on it. When practitioners sent righteous thoughts, they were instantly eliminated. But they were replenished by a group of about one-foot long poisonous snakes. Because the time for sending forth righteous thought was up, Ms. Ding stopped, and many snakes escaped.

I’d like to remind practitioners to pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate interference from the Internet towards our young practitioners.

Eliminating Karma

I sent forth righteous thoughts at 6:00 a.m. recently, and saw many large trucks driving up and down mountains to save sentient beings. At the same time, many black balls of karma were quickly eliminated by practitioners’ capabilities.

Many People Want To Learn Falun Dafa

Mr. He saw many people coming to him to learn the exercises while he was meditating, including children. They were particularly interested in learning the second exercise, the Falun Standing Stance exercise. Several times over the years, he encouraged his sister to learn the exercises, but she kept refusing. This time she contacted him to learn the exercises and said she also wished to read the book Zhuan Falun.

Mr. He owns a business and is very busy. He uses every opportunity to clarify the facts to people. He encourages and reminds himself by saying, “Seize the time, so that I won’t have any regrets!”