(Minghui.org) I am an elderly Falun Dafa practitioner who started cultivation practice in December 1994. Here, I would like to share how Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa) rescued me and my son.

Before Cultivating Falun Dafa

Before cultivating Dafa, my obsession with gaining more advantages and benefits caused my health to deteriorate. I found myself unable to eat or sleep well. I suffered from panic attacks, shortness of breath, severe stomach bloating, indigestion and bad breath. Frequent episodes of insomnia resulted in my inability to concentrate during the day. My legs were so swollen that I had difficulty walking. Despite undergoing a thorough check-up, doctors were unable to detect any serious illness. The hospital thus recommended treatment according to my reported symptoms. However, the treatment caused my condition to worsen. Seeing no benefit, I finally discharged myself from the hospital’s care.

I consulted a private specialist soon after and when that treatment failed to work, I was admitted back to the hospital. Unable to treat my illness, the hospital soon discharged me from their care. I found myself tossed back and forth between medical facilities, a process that drove me half mad. One day, an acquaintance introduced me to a Chinese medical hospital’s outpatient clinic. I arranged for a consultation and the doctor fed my clinical conditions into a diagnostic machine. The machine determined that I had “an extremely frail heart and kidneys” and issued a prescription containing thirty-six primary herbs!

My attending doctor read the severe outcome with disbelief. Out of caution, he chose not to issue the entire prescription and instead asked me to try only a select few main herbs. After seeing a lack of improvement in my condition, he added a few more herbs from the original prescription. However, this attempt also did nothing to alleviate my symptoms. After convinced of the severity of my condition, the attending doctor finally allowed me to take the full set of herbs originally prescribed by the diagnostic machine. This time, I found my heart condition more bearable and my breathing smoother. However, I had to take this medication daily to maintain its beneficial effects. The medication also did nothing to eliminate my other symptoms.

To hasten my recovery, I started practicing a couple of qigong exercises with others. Unexpectedly, this activity caused my health to worsen. I started suffering from severe chills at midnight for about two hours. Hospital doctors were also unable to help me with this new problem.

Master Cured My Torturous Diseases

In December 1994, my colleagues invited me to the fifth session of Master Li Hongzhi’s Guangzhou Fa Lecture and Exercise Class. In the midst of listening to the lecture one afternoon, I suddenly heard Master’s soft whisper, “Your hands will appear as if cut by a knife. Your whole body will be incredibly itchy.” Surprised, I turned to my colleagues and asked them if they had heard Master utter these words. Both denied hearing this. Convinced I had misheard, I put these words out of my mind.

After attending all ten lecture sessions, my illnesses vanished and I found myself much calmer and composed. I rejoiced at finding such a good Master and for having obtained the Fa.

Further Experiencing the Wonders of Dafa

In February 1995, the skin on the back of my hands started drying and cracking, especially the areas between my fingers. The cracks widened till some were about six or seven millimeters deep, similar to the “cut by a knife” description I had heard during Master’s Guangzhou class. Although my hands looked terrible, I found myself in no pain. I wore gloves to hide my condition and my hands returned to normal two months later.

One day in July 1995, while practicing the second set of exercises, I felt gusts of air billowing out from my two armpits. Soon after, blisters started forming all over my entire body, except my head and face. The itch was unbearable, as though my entire body was crawling with ants. Through this experience, I realized that besides pain, severe itching can also make one wish for death! I scratched the blisters till I was drenched in foul-smelling pus. The blisters spread till not a single patch of skin was left intact! I could hardly stand the foul smell myself. Ants and flies would gather around me wherever I went. Believing I had leprosy, many people dared not approach me.

My worried family initially tried persuading me to visit the hospital for treatment. On meeting my refusal, they bought a powerful skin disease ointment instead and tried to make me apply it to my wounds. Later, as my condition worsened, they strongly insisted that I seek treatment at the hospital. As I knew this was a tribulation and not an illness, I firmly refused. Finally, in a fit of anger, my family members left me alone.

Around this time, I realized that the itching occurred on a very regular schedule. During working hours or whenever I shopped for groceries, cooked, had meals or did housework, the itch would stop. At night the itch would worsen, leaving me unable to sleep. I even took two baths every night to cleanse away the toxic smelling pus. The toxins would ooze out from my sweat pores almost immediately after each bath. For almost one year, I found myself unable to sleep well at night. Some nights, I would silently beg, “Master, let me sleep for just ten minutes!”

Despite this severe lack of sleep, I found myself conversely wide awake and energetic during the day. This amazing power of Falun Dafa strengthened my faith and understanding that this was karma being eliminated, and not a normal person’s skin disease. Throughout this ordeal, I found myself feeling calm and unafraid. In the end, I successfully overcame this tribulation with Master’s help.

At that time, I did not know how to look inwards, causing this tribulation to last for quite a while. The blisters finally disappeared towards the end of June 1996. Although my skin suffered much abuse, not a single scar remained on my body. Since then, I have enjoyed nothing but good health. My appetite is great, I walk with ease and my skin looks youthful. My recovery also convinced my family of the extraordinary powers of Dafa.

Master Saved My Son’s Life

After beginning practice in 1994, I attached a picture of Master sitting on a lotus flower to my bedroom window. When I entered and exited the door, I always saw Master sitting on the lotus looking very kind.

I have three children, two daughters and a son. One evening in December 1998, just as my son had hurriedly left home after eating dinner, I happened to glance up at the photo of Master. On seeing Master’s furrowed eyebrows, my heart missed a beat and I intuitively knew that something bad was about to happen. I immediately voiced my concerns to my dismissive husband. At twelve midnight, my son’s classmate called to inform us that my son was involved in an accident. My anxious husband and I immediately made our way to the hospital.

At the hospital, we paid the deposit and a nurse quickly administered treatment. Besides severe abrasions on both arms and back, we saw no other visible injuries. The day after our son’s accident, I glanced up at the photo and saw that Master’s expression had returned to normal.

I managed to find out the details of the accident from my son on the third day. My son had been speeding faster than usual on his motorcycle, when the taxi before him made a sudden turn. To avoid colliding with the taxi, my son attempted to turn his motorcycle to the side. However, he overbalanced and fell off instead. His clothes caught onto the motorcycle, and he found himself dragged forward by the motorcycle’s momentum. Pedestrians on the road were yelling and dodging in horror as his motorcycle rushed towards the edge of the bridge. At this critical juncture, an electric tricycle suddenly rushed in front and stopped his motorcycle. My son remarked, “This tricycle saved my life!” I knew then that Master had saved my son’s life.

The following day, my son-in-law visited the accident site to retrieve my son’s motorcycle and found the fallen vehicle less than a foot away from the edge of the bridge. Any further and my son would have fallen into the deep abyss underneath! My son-in-law could barely contain his fear when he saw how narrowly my son had avoided death.

If I had not practiced Dafa, my son would have lost his life. It is truly as Master said, “…with one person practicing, the whole family benefits...” (Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia) Thank you Master!