(Minghui.org) Prior to practicing Falun Dafa, I suffered from radiculitis and peripheral neuritis for more than four years. The illness developed when I was hospitalized for cystitis after the hospital erroneously administered an overdose of Furadantin. Thereafter, I suffered from weak limbs and was unable to walk steadily. Even the act of swallowing was difficult. After six months of intensive treatment, I regained the ability to walk and eat normally. However, my hands and feet remained numb and my legs and arms continued to be weak. I lost the ability to discern fine sensations in my hands, feet, and back, and became unable to tolerate cold temperatures. I wore thick long-sleeved clothes even in summer.

I was also forced to endure severe pain, which tore across my entire back and temples multiple times daily. Triggered by warmth, the pain would strike frequently each night as I slept under my blanket. The sudden pain would jolt me from sleep, resulting in insomnia and severe fatigue. I resorted to taking different types of sleeping pills, at increasingly higher dosages. Even so, I could only achieve up to two hours of sleep each time. Once, I nearly went mad when my condition left me unable to sleep for three days and nights.

My worried husband brought me to several major hospitals and neurological specialists for treatment. However, their verdict remained the same, “It is impossible to fully recover from this condition. All we can do is prevent it from worsening and administer intravenous infusions to temporarily relieve the pain.” One specialist attempted to comfort me, “Most patients with radiculitis remain unable to walk for life. You are fortunate to have regained the ability.”

Cultivating Falun Dafa Healed My Illnesses

In April 1996, a classmate sent me a parcel containing a book, Zhuan Falun. I found the contents within both interesting and convincing. I spent the next two days and nights reading Zhuan Falun, while curled up in bed from the pain.

Within days, after reading Zhuan Falun and Zhuan Falun Volume II twice, I decided to take up Falun Dafa cultivation practice. A miracle soon occurred. The pain attacks drastically decreased, and I was able to sleep normally and soundly. After several days, I allowed myself to believe in this miracle and wept tears of gratitude. Falun Dafa’s Master rescued me, purified my body to remove my illnesses, and gave me back my health.

A few days later, I was able to return to my workplace. I continued to study the Fa daily and two weeks later, experienced severe diarrhea. Over the next nine days, I found myself running for the toilet at least ten times each day. My worried husband tried to persuade me to visit the hospital. However, I refused to heed his advice. This was a manifestation of eliminating my karma and purifying my body. Ordinarily, people with prolonged diarrhea become quite weak. In my case, I discovered the opposite was true. The more I expelled, the stronger I became. After nine days, I started seeing pus and blood in my stools. This went on for another three days, after which I found myself fully healed.

Soon after, I came down with a high fever. My lips started blistering, and my throat was so sore that I found myself unable to eat or even drink water. On the third day, I sat cross-legged in front of Master’s statue and quietly mused, “I must have a lot of karma. To eliminate it and overcome this tribulation is not an easy matter.” I fell asleep soon after, waking up at midnight to discover that my fever and sore throat had disappeared. As if I had just consumed some sweet spring water, my throat felt cool and moist. In tears, I thanked Falun Dafa’s Master for purifying my body yet again. Steadfast faith in Dafa can overcome all obstacles on the road of cultivation.

Before cultivating Dafa, I suffered from breast fibroma. A few years after obtaining the Fa, I found a grape-sized, transparent blister on my nipple. The blister ruptured 10 days later and oozed yellow pus. My anxious husband thought my breast fibroma worsened, and encouraged me to visit the hospital and undergo surgery. Instead, I calmly placed a handkerchief over the wound and set off for work. That afternoon, I returned home to find my bra completely soaked. After changing my clothes, I returned to my workplace. This went on for the next nine days, until my wound completely healed and the breast fibroids disappeared.

Studying the Fa and practicing the exercises elevated my moral values and improved my health. My chronic radiculitis and peripheral neuritis were completely cured. My breast problems and cervical hyperplasia also vanished. Having witnessed the magic of Dafa happening firsthand convinced my husband to take up Falun Dafa cultivation practice himself.

Elevating My Moral Values Benefits My Workplace

Back when I was still receiving treatment for radiculitis at the hospital, the elderly neurology department director had reminded me several times, “Your illness was caused by medical negligence. You should sue the heart and kidney department of this hospital in court for financial compensation.” At the time I thought, “When my health is better, I will pursue a lawsuit against the hospital.” Moreover, I had chalked up a hefty bill of tens of thousands of yuan, just by consulting various hospitals and medical experts. After studying Falun Dafa however, I gave up the idea of pursuing compensation. I did not even seek reimbursement for my medical expenses. As Dafa practitioners, we avoid pursuit for personal gain. Instead, cultivators are required to be considerate of others and be a better person.

Falun Dafa purified my body, restored my health, refreshed my mind and improved my stamina. In my work unit, I start work early and leave late, working diligently to complete my duties and any extra chores. I would come to work half an hour early in order to clean and tidy up the office. After two months, I was suddenly joined by some of our younger staff, who began turning up early in order to help me clean. At the end of the year, the entire office voted to give me a special prize for my good work. However, I gave it to this group of young people instead of keeping it for myself.

When our work unit began to distribute houses that had just become available, my husband and I agreed, “As Falun Dafa practitioners, we should not participate in this allocation exercise. These homes should be given to those in need.” My husband’s unit leader was incredulous upon hearing of our decision, “Over the past few days, many people have approached us to appeal for a new house. Your current circumstances make you highly eligible for one.” Some colleagues also approached me afterward and asked us to participate in this allocation of available homes.” Having come to realize the situation, we decided to leave this to fate and accept whatever decision that came our way.

In July 1999, the Chinese Communist Party began their persecution of Falun Dafa. The leader of my work unit approached me and requested that I give up the practice. I told him, “I have practiced Falun Dafa for three years, and have read Zhuan Falun multiple times. This practice encourages people to live according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. How can the authorities call it a cult? After practicing Falun Dafa, my illnesses were cured and I was able to work normally. Everyone at the work unit witnessed this miracle. My restored health helped our country save on my medical expenses, enabled me to continue working, and brought happiness to my family. How can I give up such a beneficial practice? Falun Dafa’s Master saved me. I cannot smear the reputation of Falun Dafa or give up this cultivation practice. My conscience will be uneasy if I follow along with this lie.”

After listening to my speech, my leader sat in silent contemplation. Then he said, “Everyone knows about your medical history, and that you are serious and dedicated to your work. You have good work ethics, perform well in your job, and are also honest and kind. We don't want to see you leave. Stay, but refrain from practicing in public.” In this way, my unit leader chose to protect me from the authorities. Soon after, this leader received a major promotion, evidence that kindness towards Dafa does not go unrewarded.

I hope more people worldwide will understand the truth of Falun Dafa in order to receive blessings and happiness!