(Minghui.org) In the digital age, there are all kinds of fake news and misinformation out there.

In Taiwan, there is a person called Chen Hongming. He claimed to be a Falun Dafa practitioner, but his actions failed to conform to the Fa’s requirements. A previous Notice from Falun Dafa Association said that Chen violated the no-photography policy at the Dragon Springs Temple and obtained photos of the Temple without permission. He made videos with the photos and posted them on YouTube.

If Chen were a genuine Falun Dafa practitioner, why did he do something that only the demons or the old forces would do? For people who have done such things, how could they bear responsibility for their actions? Genuine Dafa practitioners wouldn’t do such things to undermine the Fa rectification or the reputation of Dafa.

As far as we know, the Falun Dafa Association in Taiwan has warned Chen of his actions. But he has turned a blind eye to the warnings or kind persuasion for him to remove the videos from YouTube. In addition to trespassing and taking unauthorized photos at the Dragon Springs Temple, Chen also established several social media accounts, including “homwway chen,” “Yamawataru Chen,” “Yu Li Hong Wu (寓理洪武),” “Chen Du (陈渡),” “Xing Ji Xue Yuan (星际学院),” and “Wei Chen Gong Zuo Fang (微尘工作坊),” all of which had contents distorting the Fa and misleading people.

I’d like to remind practitioners in Taiwan or those who are interested in Chen's accounts to not be interfered with by him. We should not allow ourselves to provide a forum to such people and things. For Dafa practitioners who’ve joined or followed Chen's social media channels, I'd like to urge you to stop following him, look within to see if there is any human attachments being taken advantage of and learn a lesson from it.

The closer it’s getting to the end, the better we should do in our cultivation. Let’s walk a righteous path together.

Below is the notice by Falun Dafa Association about Chen Hongming.



A man named Chen Hongming from Taiwan ignored the requirement that photography is strictly prohibited at Dragon Springs Temple and obtained photos to post online without permission. He also distorted the meaning of the Fa and misled the sentient beings. Such behaviors have failed to meet the basic requirements of Dafa practitioners.

We hereby inform everyone that Chen Hongming is not a Dafa practitioner. We ask that no practitioner is to get in touch with him any more.

Falun Dafa AssociationJune 25, 2019