(Minghui.org) “It’s lung cancer,” My husband said on the phone, in May 2014. I couldn't believe it, how could that be. He repeated the diagnosis to me. He was not yet 60 and always in good health. It was inconceivable to me.

That was the beginning of my husband’s long journey to recovery.

The Treatments

The specialist at our regional hospital suggested that we go to a hospital in Beijing for the most advanced treatment. The pathology report in Beijing indicated small cell lung cancer. This type of lung cancer spreads fast, and the prognosis is poor. Doctors estimated that my husband had about a year to live.

Chemotherapy and radiation put tremendous stress and pain on his body. Before treatment even finished, the cancer metastasized to my husband’s kidney and lymph nodes. He lost over 30 pounds, and could not endure any more treatments.

My son found new treatment options at a top tier hospital in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, in April 2015. After reviewing my husband’s case, the attending doctor said: “We can try the cryotherapy and minimally invasive surgeries, however, I must inform you that small cell lung cancer is incurable.”

We went to our nephew’s wedding a month after the surgeries. Members of our family did not even recognize my husband with his gray complexion and thin frame, and many teared up.

Cancer cells were found in my husband’s brain in 2016. When he began to convulse, emergency surgery was needed.

Cancer cells were found in his parotid in March 2019, he had more surgeries.

My husband started coughing up blood in October 2019. They found bleeding in his lungs. Another surgery was needed.

The Recovery

Growing up in mainland China, my husband was highly influenced by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s atheist ideology. He would not believe anything that he could not see or touch. In his opinion, people with spiritual beliefs are fools.

I tried many times in vain to tell him about the goodness of Falun Dafa, and the bad nature of the CCP. He would turn his head when I tried to introduce Falun Dafa and the Minghui website to him.

After his surgery last October, he said to me, “There is no hope for me now. I don't even have the strength to wash my face.”

I said:“You took all the medications you could possibly take, and had all the treatments you could get. You went to the best hospitals, but nothing improved your health. There is only one way to save your life.”

He lifted his head and looked at me expectantly.

With tearful eyes, I said: “You know I have been practicing Falun Dafa for more than 10 years. I am healthy and have not taken any medications. I live my life according to the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Falun Dafa is the highest level of cultivation. If you believe in Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Dafa), believe in Dafa, your life can be saved.”

I told him that he should denounce the CCP. He held up his right hand and shouted, “Sincerely, I denounce the CCP!”

I began to cry and said, “You will be alright now!”

From that day on, my husband always carried a small Falun Dafa amulet with him. His health began to improve. He had a good appetite and slept soundly at night. He has a healthy glow on his face, and his weight came back to what it was before he was ill. Another welcome change was that his temper improved, and he started to help out with household chores.

On his recent check up, there was no sign of active cancer.

The attending doctor we saw was the one who first diagnosed my husband five years ago. The doctor patted my husband’s shoulder to congratulate him: “You win the lottery. Your family must have done something good to deserve your good fortune. All of the patients with the same diagnosis that year have all passed away.”

Everyone in my family knows Master saved my husband. It is true that one person’s cultivation benefits his/her entire family.