(Minghui.org) In December 1994, we learned Master was going to hold a lecture series in Guangzhou, but we also heard that the tickets were sold out. A practitioner who previously attended Master’s lectures said, “I will go, even if I can’t get a ticket.” I wanted to go with her.

My husband was working out of town and couldn’t take care of our child. The other practitioner said, “I’ll talk with my husband and ask him to take care of your child. We’ll sort out the cost when we come back. Arrange to take ten days off from work.”

Six of us arrived in Guangzhou by train on December 18, 1994. With the help of a practitioner’s relative we checked into the Guangzhou Military Compound Guest House.

During the next three days before the lectures, we went to the stadium every day trying to get tickets. Many people were at the stadium, and some were doing the Falun Dafa exercises. I felt something rotating in my palms, the soles of my feet, and the top of my head, and the energy was strong.

The lectures began on December 21, 1994. It was very crowded outside the stadium. I wept as I watched people entering the stadium but we could not. I deeply regretted that I had missed Master’s lecture series in Zhengzhou in June. I had been hoping to see Master and listen to him teach. I felt it would be the biggest regret of my life if I could not get in!

At that moment, I noticed a coordinator from Wuhan talking to someone in our group. They walked over and said, “There are two tickets available. You and the young girl should go in. We will wait here a little longer.”

Delighted, I took the ticket. My seat was about ten rows behind the podium. I thought, “Would it matter if Master couldn’t see me?” When Master mentioned that the people behind him would not be left out, I was amazed.

To adjust our bodies, Master told us to think about an illness we had. I thought about my heart disease. As Master waved his hand (in this dimension), I felt Master’s hand (in another dimension) reach into my chest. I immediately felt a cool breeze in my chest and my whole body felt light. I saw Master’s hand taking out some gray, sticky and filthy things from my chest.

Master told us to stomp our feet on three when he shouted one, two, three. When some students stomped before three, Master said, “It would be nice if you could study the Fa so eagerly (not Master’s exact words).” Master told us to try again. Seeing Master so compassionately taking care of us students, I was deeply moved.

The energy field was very strong during Master’s lectures. My body felt warm, and even my face was hot. My eyes were full of tears. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and gradually fell asleep. Later on, I read what Master said,

“A few individuals may fall asleep and wake up as soon as I finish my lecture. Why is that? It is because their brains have illnesses that need to be treated. One will be unable to stand it if one’s brain is worked on. Therefore, the person must be put into a state of anesthesia so he doesn’t know. Yet, some people do not have a problem hearing me. Though they may sleep soundly, they hear everything without missing a single word. They will become very alert afterward and will not feel sleepy even if they go two days without sleep.” (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun)

I thought, “Master seems to be talking about me. I used to have headaches a lot and was muddle-headed all day. It’s incredible how Master knows everything!”

Master arrived early before every lecture. Many students surrounded Master, and I hurried to get closer too trying to see clearly. But somehow, I found myself standing behind Master again. I reached my hand to grab Master, but a force pushed my hand back. I was taken aback. Ah, I understood that grabbing him was impolite and disrespectful. From then on, when Master was around, I watched him from afar.

Three of us returned to the guest house one day after the lecture. As soon as we entered the gate, a van passed us from behind. A fellow practitioner saw Master in the van! The three of us shouted in unison, “Hello Master!” We put both hands together to heshi to Master. Master got out of the car, waved at us, and smiled.

When the Guangzhou lecture series was over we left reluctantly. I thought, “I wonder when I will be able to see Master again...”

Those days during the Guangzhou lectures were the happiest days of my life. More than 20 years have passed, yet everything is still vivid in my memory. Master has given us so much. Master gave me a whole new life and helped me understand his teaching,

“One should return to one’s original, true self; this is the real purpose of being human. Therefore, once a person wants to cultivate, his or her Buddha-nature is considered to have come forth. Such a thought is most precious, for this person wants to return to his or her original, true self and transcend the ordinary human level.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

Under Master’s merciful protection, I have made it to today. Words can’t express my gratitude to Master. During the more than 20 years I’ve cultivated, I have done things poorly, stumbled, got up again, and moved forward. I must study the Fa more and study the Fa well, cultivate myself, do the three things well, and follow Master home.

Thank you, Master, for your merciful salvation!