(Minghui.org) For years, disabling health problems prevented me from living a full life. A friend gave me a copy of the book Zhuan Falun in 1997 and invited me to the local practice site. I experienced interference at first, but persisted. My health soon improved.

I left home to work in another city in 2015. The living conditions there made regular Fa study and exercise impossible, and my health declined.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2016. I knew this was caused by lack of regular Fa study and exercise. I felt that I wasn't truly sick, and that I was experiencing interference to my cultivation. I knew that the only way to overcome it was to practice diligently.

My family did not agree. My mother was so upset that she threatened to take her life if I didn't go to a hospital. My family took me to the hospital for chemotherapy and intravenous infusions. During the sixth session, I decided to stop the treatments, and I pulled out the intravenous line.

I thought, “Master, please help me. I want to eliminate my sentimental attachment to family. At that moment, I remembered what Master said,

Cultivate away fame, gain, and emotionConsummate, ascend the firmamentSeeing the world with compassionOnly then, waking from delusion(“Reaching Consummation, Achieving Gong” from Hong Yin, Version C)

My face was wet with tears. The feeling was indescribable and I repeatedly thanked Master. Whenever the pain became unbearable, I asked Master for help. I knew that I was not ill. I am a practitioner and Master was looking after me.

Master's words came to me again,

Steadfastly cultivate Dafa, the will unflinchingThe raising of levels is what’s fundamentalIn the face of tests one’s true nature is revealedAchieve Consummation, becoming a Buddha, Dao, or God(“True Nature Revealed” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I left the hospital but my family took me back for another round of chemotherapy.

The following January, the doctor decided that I needed surgery. Unable to face a battle against my entire family, I went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor sent me home. According to test results, the cancer had metastasized to my entire body, including my lymph nodes and lungs.

Steadfast Faith Changes Everything

I wasn't afraid, but instead felt encouraged and hopeful. Master had arranged for me to go home, and the test results were illusions. I left my fate in Master's hands. I let go of my fear of death and denied any interference.

My family lost all hope and let me have my way. Local practitioners came to visit me, and they encouraged me. Every day, we did the exercises and read the teachings.

My condition improved. As my strength returned I started doing household chores. I was soon strong enough to work on the farm. Feeling alive again, I rejoined other practitioners to clarify the truth about the persecution against Falun Dafa.

I realized the seriousness of cultivation. Any distracted thought could be taken advantage of by the old forces. Practitioners also have the responsibility to save people, so I used every opportunity to tell people about the goodness of Dafa. Those who knew my story were impressed by Falun Dafa's amazing power, and were willing to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and it’s affiliated organizations.

I experienced symptoms of illness twice afterwards. One day, I had sudden excruciating back pain. It was so intense that I could not complete the five exercises. After sending forth righteous thoughts, I was able to move a little.

On the fourth day, other practitioners came over to do the exercises with me. They reminded me to follow Master's words while doing the exercises. I knew they were right, so I ignored my pain and I followed Master's directions. I was able to complete the exercises and the pain was gone a few days later.

Earlier this year, I developed a puss filled growth the size of an egg. It was painful and I couldn't sit or walk. Local practitioners came, and we sent forth righteous thoughts. They helped me to look within for hidden attachments.

When it was time to send forth righteous thoughts, I couldn't sit cross legged. The other practitioners reminded me, “Master asks us to sent froth righteous thoughts in crossed legged position, so shouldn't we do as he asks?” I pulled my strength together and sat down.

That evening, ten minutes after I began doing the second exercise, the Falun Standing Stance, I felt something being removed from my body. I immediately felt light. I knew then that the cause of the lump was gone.

I'm grateful for Master's compassion. He has always protected and helped me. I'm also thankful for my local practitioners' selfless support to help me break through these tribulations.