My Cousin’s Story

My cousin’s family came to visit in the spring of 2019. My cousin recently had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. He boasted that he had fully recovered after being treated by a top specialist in the field.

It was a cheerful gathering. My 83-year-old mother and I talked about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) 20 years of brutal persecution against Falun Dafa and practitioners. My cousin’s family decided to withdraw from any CCP affiliated organizations they had joined.

Six months later, my cousin telephoned us and said, “I’ll probably die soon, as my cancer has metastasized.” My mother and I went to visit him, and we were startled when we saw him. He looked thin and feeble, laying on the sofa. His wife was also resting. She had just fallen and hit her head. Feeling dizzy, she was unable to make lunch.

I made them lunch. We spent the afternoon talking about how amazing Falun Dafa is. My cousin still believed in modern medicine, so they questioned us, “If the best specialist can not treat him, how can a free alternative help?”

Nevertheless, before going back to our hotel, we left them a copy of the book Zhuan Falun, and recordings of cultivation stories from the Minghui website.

While doing the exercises the next morning, a thought came to my mind, “He is much better now.”

My mother and I decided to visit my cousin again before going home. We were again startled when we saw him. He opened the door for us, and he was talking and walking like his old self.

After we left the previous day, my cousin said that he and his wife listened to the cultivation stories we gave them. Afterwards, my cousin said he felt energetic, and his wife’s headache disappeared.

My cousin’s wife practiced Falun Dafa prior to July 20, 1999 (the date the CCP launched the persecution) but stopped for fear of arrest. This time, both my cousin and his wife wanted to practice. I taught them the five sets of exercises.

Three days later I brought them Master’s exercise demonstration DVD and the exercise music. I encouraged them to regularly study the Fa and do the exercises, and told them that to truly benefit, they should sincerely believe in Master and Dafa.

We called my cousin two weeks later. He was at his nephew’s place. His nephew was diagnosed with lupus and he told the young man how amazing Falun Dafa is.

My cousin’s wife chimed in, “I like doing (Falun Gong) exercises.” When I asked her why, she said, “I see colorful circles flying all over my room when I do the exercises, and I know they are Falun.”

My cousin called again a week later, and exclaimed, “I want to thank Master!” He had completely recovered and done the household chores and cooked every day since.

My Former Colleague’s Story

I had not seen Bing for a long time. I recently heard that she had been diagnosed with uterine cancer, had surgery, and was resting at home.

I went to see her. She said her surgery went well. She had a complete hysterectomy. The family spent seventy thousand yuan for one week in the hospital, in total. The most uncomfortable thing was she was constantly covered with cold sweat after the surgery.

I told Bing and her husband how amazing Falun Dafa is, and how many practitioners have had their health issues resolved. Thirty minutes later, Bing suddenly noticed that her sweating had stopped. I said excitedly, “Master is taking care of you!”

Bing wanted to practice Falun Gong immediately. The next day, I brought them a copy of Zhuan Falun and showed them the exercises.

We had daily Fa study and exercise every evening for the next month.

When Bing went for her follow-up check three months later, the doctor was baffled, and said, “Impossible, our diagnosis was correct, so why are there no more cancer cells in your body?”

Very quietly, Bing told the doctor, “My colleague showed me how to practice Falun Dafa, and I’ve been practicing.”

The doctor did not look surprised. He exclaimed, “You found the best treatment, congratulations! Quite a few Falun Dafa practitioners work here.”