(Minghui.org) The electronic version of a new book, 2019-2020 Coronavirus Pandemic (in Chinese only) by the Minghui Publishing Center, became available from Minghui Publishing on July 20, 2020.

Another book, in English with different content about the coronavirus pandemic, will soon be published by the Minghui Publishing Center.

The Wuhan coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented disaster for humankind. It’s a war without guns and tanks. As of July 19, 2020, more than 600,000 people worldwide have died from the virus infection and many more have been infected.

In the face of the tremendous losses brought by the pandemic, many people have begun to ponder the following questions: Why did the pandemic happen? Was the virus man-made or did it occur naturally? How did it spread? How dangerous is it? And how can we protect ourselves from it?

To answer these questions, many scientists have been working hard to study the virus and try to find a cure.

The new book aims to dig deeper into the fundamental reasons behind the virus. It provides detailed information about the first wave of the pandemic and offers some unique insights and discussions from different perspectives, including science, prophecies, and ancient stories. The authors hope that this book can help the reader be better prepared and able to truly protect themselves should even bigger disasters hit us.

The PDF version of the book can be purchased at Tianti bookstore’s website.

Table of Contents

Collection 1: Devil in the Numbers by the Chinese Communist PartyCollection 2: Was the Virus Man-made?Collection 3: Gaining the Immunity Against the Novel Coronavirus

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