(Minghui.org) My granddaughter is 9 years old. When she was a baby I began playing Master Li’s lectures and Dafa songs for her. I also taught her Master’s poems in Hong Yin. She began practicing the Falun Dafa exercises last year. Since her parents aren’t practitioners, she seldom studies the Fa or does the exercises at home. She came to my house this year. Master opened her third eye, and she can see amazing things in other dimensions. She saw Master’s law body several times. I can’t see anything, but I am very happy for her. I'm thankful that Master arranged this little fellow practitioner to be with me to encourage me to cultivate with diligence. 

Seeing Many Buddhas and Master

My granddaughter's school didn’t open this year due to the CCP virus (coronavirus) pandemic, so my granddaughter often stays at my place. We decided to meditate in the morning at 6:30 for half an hour. After two days, she said, “Grandma, there were many gods and Buddhas when we meditated. Some were sitting on lotus seats, and some were floating with their legs crossed. There were more of them today than yesterday. Today the room was full. Some of them were outside the window watching us.”

She said that Master came later. He praised her and said she “meditated really well.” She said that his body was enormous, even larger than the building. She couldn’t see Master’s head, so she flew up to see him. When she was flying, she saw her body was transparent and that she was an adult instead of a child. She said our building, roof, walls, and windows were all transparent. She could see the neighbors cooking breakfast, and she could go through their rooms. She flew very high and saw that some practitioners were sitting around Master and talking about cultivation. They also studied the Fa. They didn’t have any books in their hands, but everyone recited Zhuan Falun very fluently. 

Wonderful Home in Heaven 

One night, she told me that she saw Master coming out of his portrait and several gods and Buddhas followed him. There was a Quadriga (a chariot drawn by four horses, an ancient Greek and Roman symbol). Master invited her to join him in the chariot. They flew to heaven and visited her true home and parents. Her parents in heaven were different from her parents in the human world. They were both gods and very beautiful. Master also arranged a home for her with a lot of sentient beings in it. Master also showed her her parents’ home, which was in the Falun world, and it was beautiful.

Master also showed her a world that was to be eliminated. It was dark, and the people there were dark and dirty. When she came back, only a moment had passed in this dimension, but she went with Master to many places in another dimension. 

Granddaughter Helps Grandma

The next morning, my granddaughter said that Master showed her many people’s lives from when they were born, to growing up, to getting old, to being eliminated or going to heaven, but none of them were her family. Some Dafa disciples who cultivated well had transparent and glowing bodies. They all flew into the sky. Dafa disciples who didn’t cultivate as well had white bodies, not very transparent, and glowed less. Some of the people who believed in Master were sent to a new universe to be sentient beings there, and some who didn’t believe in Master were eliminated. 

Later, Master sat on a huge lotus seat and said something that she couldn’t understand. It wasn’t a language from our dimension. Suddenly a sentence appeared in her brain, seemingly from Master: “A practitioner near you made a mistake. Her assistant spirit is almost well-cultivated, but her main spirit can’t slack off.” Master floated away after that. 

When my granddaughter told me what Master said, I was surprised and realized that Master was using her mouth to enlighten me. I tried to figure out what I did wrong. I realized that when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I bent over, dropped my head, and dozed off. I even fell asleep during Fa study, and sometimes my book fell on the floor. When I did the sitting meditation, I felt the hour pass so quickly and I couldn’t remember doing some of the positions. I realized I’d probably fallen asleep. My granddaughter often told me, “Grandma, raise your head! Grandma, your head is dropping to your legs!” She recently took a video of me while I was meditating and showed it to me. I finally realized how terrible the situation was. 

I thought I was just too tired from taking care of her, and when school started again, it would improve. I didn’t think it was my cultivation issue until she told me Master’s words. Compassionate Master saw her sincere heart to help me and enlightened her to assist me. I felt so ashamed of my lack of diligence. 

I realize this is serious, and I'm determined to correct myself. 

I now read and recite “Whoever Practices Cultivation Will Attain Gong” from Zhuan Falun. I decided to reinforce my main spirit and send forth righteous thoughts with a clear mind. My granddaughter actively reminded me. For ten days, I had to keep my eyes open when I meditated or sent forth righteous thoughts, because as soon as I closed them, I began to fall asleep. I also corrected my posture, straightening my back and raising my head up. 

I also looked within and found many human attachments, such as hatred, jealousy, complaining about others, showing off, validating myself, pursuing fame, wanting to hear compliments, wanting to be better than others, thinking I’m better than others, fearing the persecution, pursuing comfort, lust, and so on. I’d recognized some of those attachments before, but I was busy doing things and never actively tried to eliminate them. 

I also realized another serious issue. When I tried to help fellow practitioners who were going through tribulations, I didn’t put Dafa first. Instead, I tried to give them guidance on how to cultivate. I unconsciously put myself ahead of the Fa. It was disrespectful of Master and the Fa. 

Master said:

“That little bit that you have seen at your level is nothing and far from the actual meaning of the Fa that we teach......If you say something according to your ideas and your mind, it is not the Fa and cannot save people; neither will it have any effect. Therefore, nobody else can teach this Fa.” (Zhuan Falun

Even though I study the Fa every day, I still forget about Master’s teaching when I run into specific problems. 

When people praised or appreciated me, I told them that it was Master’s arrangement, but I still felt happy about it, believing that I did something special and I was better than others. This was disrespectful of Master. 

Master admonished us:

“Even in this class, there are people who think quite highly of themselves right now and speak with a different attitude. It is taboo even in Buddhism for one to find out what one is all about.” (Zhuan Falun

Whenever I read this part, I never reflected on myself and thought I was doing well. I was unconsciously reinforcing the attachment. 

A few days ago, I went to visit a fellow practitioner who was persecuted. I thought that she seemed very diligent, so what was her problem? I talked a bit about her to another fellow practitioner. Then I suddenly awakened that I was acknowledging the old forces' persecution, because they always use testing Dafa disciples as an excuse to persecute us. 

The fellow practitioner looks within so she is cultivating. I should support her and send righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference. I definitely shouldn’t gossip about her behind her back. Instead, I should talk to her and kindly remind her. 

I will be more humble in the future, cultivate with diligence, fulfill my mission, and follow Master to return home!