(Minghui.org) Two terminally ill people in my village gained a second chance in life after they started to practice Falun Gong.

From Begging for Death to Perfectly Healthy

Guiling, 56, loaned 250,000 yuan to someone who, it turned out, was unable to pay her back. She was so tormented by the loss that she contracted a disease called lichen planus, which caused painful ulcers in her mouth. She spent over a hundred thousand yuan seeking a cure, but in vain. Because the ulcers made it very difficult for her to eat, she became thinner by the day. Every time she tried to put medicine on the ulcers, the pain made her want to end her life.

She later went to Beijing in a final, desperate attempt to find a cure. At the end of her unsuccessful 20-day stay in Beijing, a specialist who suspected she had oral cancer sent her for a pathology test. As she was waiting in line to have the test, she broke into tears and decided to give up on any medical intervention. 

She continued to deteriorate. She became weaker and could no longer cook for her family. The folk medicine she tried ended up poisoning her and making her health even worse. She tried to end her own life multiple times. Her husband once found her trying to hang herself and rescued her. Their relatives, friends, and neighbors were all aware that her condition was terminal.

In the end, she could barely sleep due to the excruciating pain. As soon as she woke up every morning, she would kneel, begging the Heavens to take her life. 

One day she said to her only son, “If I leave you one day, please don't hate me for it. It is just that I really cannot bear the pain anymore.” Her son was in tears and told her, “Mom, if you die, I will kill the person who owes us money. If it were not for their defaulting on the debt, you would not have gotten this horrible illness.” Heartbroken, she quickly dissuaded her son from seeking revenge.

From then on she began to worry about her son and let go of her suicidal thoughts. She then started to beg Heaven for a cure.

When other practitioners and I became aware of her situation, we started to tell her about the benefits of Falun Gong. She said, “There is no other alternative left for me. I have to give it a try.”

We taught her the exercises, and in just a few days, she began to see the healing effects. She completely recovered in several weeks.

In the process, she encountered several tests when she reacted to Master eliminating karma for her. We studied the Fa, did the exercises, and shared experiences with her. Along the way, she came to a good enlightenment and regained perfect health through regular practice.

Her sisters and relatives used to worry about her health and had voluntarily taken over her responsibilities. Seeing her positive transformation, they encouraged her and advised her to disregard the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda.

Her younger sister wanted to practice after witnessing the power of Falun Gong.

Word spread quickly in her neighborhood. Now, four years later, she works at the deli in her community and, after gaining over 30 pounds, has returned to a healthy weight. The whole village witnessed the power of Falun Gong.

Speaking Again After 20 Years of Silence

Someone else in my village suffered from congenital heart disease for over 20 years. After taking medications for years, her condition had not improved a bit and her other internal organs were adversely affected. She got used to not speaking because her mouth would bleed whenever she tried to talk. She communicated by texting on her phone or writing notes. 

She lives on the third floor and it was very hard for her to get up the stairs because she was so weak. She had to push herself up one step at a time and rest for a long time before moving on to the next step. It took her over two hours to get home.

Her husband divorced her and remarried after more than ten years of marriage. Her son worked out of town. Because she was not able to walk up and down the stairs and care for herself, her son pleaded with his father, who agreed to bring her food on a regular basis. 

Two practitioners who were her neighbors introduced her to Falun Gong. They asked me to visit and help her. 

I first encouraged her to have confidence in her practicing Falun Gong. I told her how I had recovered from a terminal illness and regained my health by practicing Falun Gong. I encouraged her to study the Fa teachings as much as she could. I told her that she should not hold a grudge against her ex-husband and should understand and forgive him. In addition, he had helped take care of her in the past years, so she should be grateful. I explained that her illness was likely a result of her karma from past lives. 

Master said, “...matter and mind are one and the same.” (Zhuan Falun) I advised her that, when she could let go of her attachments in her mind, her health would improve.

Although she did not speak, she kept nodding and putting her thumb up. I could sense her pain, bitterness, and helplessness, and I knew she could understand and agree with what I shared with her.

The two neighbor practitioners often visited and studied the Fa and did the exercises with her. I also went to see her once in a while and shared my experiences and understandings with her.

Two months later, she was completely cured.

The next time I visited her, she told me that she could finally speak after over 20 years of silence, that she could walk up and down the stairs, and that she could now take care of herself. Her joy was beyond words. She kept thanking Master Li.

When her ex-husband again brought her food and necessities, he was amazed to see how she’d changed and asked her what had happened. She told him about Falun Gong and suggested he take up the practice, too. Seeing how powerful it was, he encouraged her to continue.

She told me that many of her relatives and friends had lost touch with her for years due to her illness. She now looked forward to visiting them and telling them about her practice.