(Minghui.org) I had some new understandings when I recently read in Zhuan Falun the part about the humiliation Han Xin endured while crawling between another person’s legs.

When I was illegally detained, someone tried to persuade me to pretend to yield to the authorities so that I could be released. He mentioned the story of Han Xin and suggested I do the same. I didn’t agree with him and told him the story of Su Wu the shepherd.

During one of the Hun invasions, Su Wu was taken and jailed at a remote farm and made to herd male goats. He endured a lot of suffering but never gave up his mission as a Han Dynasty representative. 

His story was re-told throughout the centuries because he was admired for his endurance in safeguarding China's reputation.

My understanding is that Han Xin endured the humiliation because the insult was personal – directed at him as an individual. He could endure what an ordinary person could not so he was able to achieve great things later in life.

Someone told me, “Falun Dafa teaches tolerance, so when the Communist Party persecutes you, you should just tolerate it.”

I pointed out that when the Christians were persecuted they did not silently endure, instead they actively clarified the truth for centuries until the world recognized that the persecution was wrong. Christianity also teaches tolerance, and to, “turn the other cheek.” Why didn’t they silently tolerate being persecuted?

Being tolerant doesn’t equate to passively accepting insults and persecution. Instead it is persisting in one's belief while enduring harsh and negative situations.

The stories of Han Xin and Su Wu show us different aspects of tolerance and laid the foundation for people to understand what it means to cultivate oneself and to practice Falun Dafa.

The requirements for Falun Dafa practitioners are higher than what ordinary people like Han Xin or Su Wu could meet.