(Minghui.org) I felt muddle headed and could not think straight in early April 2011. I visited a clinic, where the doctor told me that I needed rest, and prescribed some medicine. I took the medicine on time and stayed in bed. However, my condition did not improve after resting for 4-5 days, and my thinking became even more confused.

My wife became worried and called my parents about the situation. My father went to Xi’an Fourth Military Medical University and talked to his childhood friend, who was a graduate school professor. After listening to my father’s description, he said, “Come to our hospital immediately for a comprehensive examination.”

My brother took me to the airport. I was worried and terrified during the trip. When my father picked me up at Xi’an airport, I did not recognize him.

My father took me to the Xi’an Fourth Military Medical University for a comprehensive medical examination. However, the examination found no problems. My father’s friend then referred me to a provincial A-level hospital. After having a series of medical examinations, I was diagnosed with depression.

My father took me back home after I paid 3,000 yuan for prescription medicine. As soon as he saw my mother, he burst into tears. My father was a tough person; I had never seen him cry.

My mother was heartbroken after reading that the medicine had more than 20 side effects. She felt hopeless after seeing my confused mental state with a dull, indifferent facial expression. She wondered, “Who can help us?”

Dafa Brings Hope

Three days after I returned home from the hospital, my mother called one of my aunts and told her about my situation, and mentioned that she could not carry on any longer. My aunt said, “Don’t worry! We have Master and Dafa. Your son will be fine!”

“Yes! We have Master looking after us! We have Dafa!” My aunt’s words reminded my mother.

My mother started practicing Dafa in 1997. She was an area coordinator, and our home was a site for group Fa study and exercises; more than a dozen people came to our home to practice.

However, after July 1999, when Jiang’s regime started persecuting Falun Dafa, the local practitioners lost this environment for group Fa study and exercises. They stopped coming, and my mother was scared too.

With my aunt's reassurance, my mother felt a sudden relief. She wiped away her tears, lifted me up to sit in bed, then held up a copy of Zhuan Falun and asked me to read the Fa.

A Breakthrough in Four Days

I was weak and could not sit up for long – I had to read the book in bed. I read for a while, took a break, and then started reading again. It took me three days to read Zhuan Falun.

Early on the morning on the fourth day after I started reading Zhuan Falun, I ran to my mother’s room before she woke up, and shouted, “Mom, I’m all okay now! My mind is clear, and I am hungry – I understand everything!”

Tears streamed down my mother’s face, and we laughed. She then threw away my 3,000 yuan supply of medicine.

My mother later told me that on the day before I returned home from Xi'an, my one-year-old son pointed at the wall and said, “Spinning! Spinning!” My mother asked him what was spinning. The boy could not explain; he just kept saying, “It is spinning.” My mother then took out a copy of Zhuan Falun and showed the boy the Falun (law wheel) Emblem. My son said, “Yes, it is turning!”

Grateful for a Second Chance

Dafa is a miraculous and supernormal science! It gave me a second chance in life. Thank you Dafa! Thank you Master! I will forever support my mother's practice, and her efforts to validate Dafa’s greatness!

I am now free of illness. I still remember the comments of my father’s friend, “To cure this illness takes a minimum of 2-3 years. It can even take 7-8 years, and sometimes it may be incurable.” However, I got rid of this illness in only four days by reading Zhuan Falun. This is a miracle!

I sincerely hope that the people who are suffering illnesses can let go of their misunderstandings of Dafa, reject the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) deceptive propaganda, and take some time to read Zhuan Falun. If they can do so, they will receive great benefits, both physical and mental.

Words can’t express my gratitude toward Master and Dafa! Thank you Master! Thank you Dafa!