(Minghui.org) Ever since July 1999, Falun Dafa practitioners have peacefully exposed the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution. It seems that the persecution has recently intensified. Local authorities have even restarted “transformation” classes that had not been held for years. 

I read an article on the Minghui website about an elderly practitioner who sent forth righteous thoughts non-stop for five to six hours a day after he was arrested. He was released in just a few days. He continued to send righteous thoughts after he was released to clear up the local interference. After a while, the persecution in that area ceased. 

I had some thoughts after I read that article. Although a large number of negative factors have been destroyed with practitioners around the globe sending forth righteous thoughts four times a day, the persecution has continued. 

Examining the situation in local areas in China, I found a problem: local practitioners’ sending forth righteous thoughts lacked sufficient strength. That is, they neglected to focus on the local perpetrators. They only sent forth righteous thoughts along with all the other practitioners in the county four times a day but did not assign extra times to stop those who carried out the persecution locally. 

I discussed this with local practitioners and some agreed with me. Some disagreed, while others did not feel it was that important. I assume the situation is similar in other areas in China. 

In my view, if we practitioners can clean up each of our local areas and eliminate all the factors related to the 610 Office, Political and Legal Affairs Committees, domestic security divisions, procuratorates, courts, and police stations, then the negative factors in the whole nation will automatically be cleaned out. 

I would like to encourage us with what Master said:

“I’ll tell you, for years I have been continually saying that Dafa disciples’ abilities are tremendous, yet many people don’t believe this since those abilities were not allowed to be seen. Under the effect of righteous thoughts, everything around you, as well as you yourself, will undergo changes. Yet you have never thought to give it a try. The old forces as well as the interference from the evil elements are precisely exploiting the gaps in your thinking. That’s what they have been doing all these years. All along the old forces have been directing rotten spirits and the factors of the evil Party to do this, causing you to fail in your efforts to save people. They do this because they don’t have the ability to defeat you in a direct fight. It wouldn’t matter what kind of mighty force they assembled, the instant you started sending righteous thoughts they would all be turned to ashes, completely destroyed and unable to amount to anything. If this kind of fighting continued on, the interference from rotten spirits and factors of the evil Party would be eliminated and disappear. When Dafa disciples are able to send righteous thoughts with good concentration and strong enough righteous thoughts—give it a try—if you could do that today, half of all the evil that now exists would be wiped out. It is exactly because you have all sorts of human attachments, as well as problems cooperating, that it is able to exploit your gaps, prevent you from succeeding at what you’re supposed to do, and weaken your power as you go about saving sentient beings. The evil has no other means at its disposal. When bad people in this world appear to be evil, and might act so ferocious, that’s because there are evil entities behind them propping them up. Eliminate those evil entities and that person wouldn’t be able to muster that ferocity anymore. If Dafa disciples can manage to pool their strength together in one concerted effort, and act with extremely strong righteous thoughts, think about it, that will truly amount to divine beings being present in this world. It would be simply terrifying to the evil! (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

“The evil people act as they do because evil is propping them up from behind. Yet you always look at how bad that person at the surface is, how evil he is, how that evil policeman is so this or that, or how somebody’s behavior is just so irrational. You always fix your gaze on the surface. I’ve always told you that this human body here is just like an article of clothing, and that what really controls a person is his soul—be it his master soul or subordinate soul. And it’s not just the soul that can control a person. There are all sorts of intelligent entities that can also control a human being. It is not the beings at the surface that are doing evil to Dafa disciples. When you have addressed the factors behind the scenes, take another look at the surface and see what happens. With no factors at work behind the scenes, a human being will do whatever you tell him to. You are a cultivator and someone with abilities, and you are a being who is walking the path to divinity. Whereas that being is an ordinary human, and he is powerless. So you shouldn’t always fix your gaze on the person at the surface. Only when you deal with the factors behind the scenes will you manage to resolve the problem at the root. Only then will you cause a given situation, or that person, to change.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

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