(Minghui.org) One night, I dialed a random phone number to tell whoever answered about Falun Dafa and the truth about the persecution. A man answered. I offered to help him withdraw from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and its affiliated organizations, but he said he was not a member of anything and hung up.

I sent forth righteous thoughts and redialed the number. When he picked up, I said, “This call is very important to you. Can you please listen?”

Maybe he heard the kindness in my voice. He said, “Okay, go ahead.”

I told him about the CCP’s numerous political campaigns that have caused the deaths of 80 million Chinese. During the persecution of Falun Dafa that started in 1999, the regime has even harvested organs from living practitioners to sell for profit. Because the Party has committed such unforgivable crimes, millions of Chinese have already withdrawn from it. 

He suddenly said, “I know firsthand how evil the CCP is!” Then he told me his story.

He’d joined the army about 20 years ago. The leader singled him out for harassment and made his life miserable. When he tried to protect his rights, he was incarcerated for two years. He said he knew from that experience just how evil the Communist Party is. He had been a member of the CCP, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers. But the day he walked out of prison, he vowed to break away from the Party.

He agreed to withdraw from the CCP and said, “Let the Party perish as soon as possible. It is so corrupt and so evil!” 

His story made me feel sorry for him and sad for all Chinese.

I also told him that Falun Dafa is practiced in many countries around the world. He asked, “Will Master Li Hongzhi come back to China?” 

“Yes, he will. There are millions of Falun Dafa practitioners in China. He will return!” I assured him.

He was happy to hear that and exhaled a long breath. He said he felt relieved and no longer angry. We wished each other well and then said goodbye.

Saying “Falun Dafa Is Good” Made All The Difference

A few days ago we were distributing Falun Dafa desk calendars in a market in Hebei Province. A woman took one and said, “I believe in Falun Dafa. I know practitioners are good people. They made these things with their own money and give them to people for free. I also know the CCP is very bad.”

She told us about an amazing experience. She was driving her son on a tricycle to the railway station on a rainy day. Halfway there a tire went flat so they were stranded. 

She phoned her husband, but her son said, “Even if Father comes right away, there’s not enough time. I’ll miss the train.”

But her husband arrived almost instantly. As he drove them to the station, she quietly repeated, “Falun Dafa is good” all the way there. Her son boarded the train just before it left.

“We all witnessed the power of Falun Dafa. Now my husband and I say, ‘Falun Dafa is good’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ every day! 

“My husband often says we must thank Falun Dafa practitioners for their help,” she added.

I told her that she should thank our Master instead and share the story with her friends. “Yes, I will. Thank you, Master Li Hongzhi!” she said.