(Minghui.org) I recently had a very vivid dream in which I was in a large village at night and everyone was asleep. The earth suddenly opened up and hot larva began spewing out, but no one came out of their homes. I hurriedly began waking up the inhabitants, but I only went to the homes on the edge of the village. Then I turned and ran to the top of a hill and looked out to see that everyone in the village was dead. My heart was heavy with sadness.

The international community has recently issued many sanctions against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and the situation is changing rapidly. Many practitioners are watching these events, but I want to remind everyone to not let what's happening move us or distract us.

The persecution in China is still severe. In some areas, many practitioners continue to be abducted and taken to brainwashing centers, and more are being harassed.

Some practitioners believe that the world has finally awakened to the CCP's true nature and we are no longer opposing the persecution alone. Others are happy that certain Party officials were sanctioned. Some are anxious and wonder why the situation is not changing faster. Others are attached to time and try to guess when the persecution will end and our cultivation will be over.

These are all human notions. Master Li is in control of the pace of the Fa-rectification. There is nothing for us to guess at or worry about. Practitioners are here to save people, but the old forces’ goal is to destroy mankind. As long as the Fa-rectification is going on, we should focus on saving more people.

If we let other thoughts distract us, they can become a loophole the old forces take advantage of. If everything ends today, ask yourself: How many people have we NOT saved? How many attachments are we still hanging onto? If you had to take your final exam today, what would your score be?

Practitioners should not spend too much time on the internet trying to keep abreast of every update. Master, the divine beings, and sentient beings are all watching us. Truly diligent practitioners are not wasting time reading the news. Like a student taking an exam, when the time is up and half of the paper is still blank, the remaining seconds should be used to answer questions instead of daydreaming.

This also reflects our level of cultivation from another angle. We have been persecuted for so many years, but now we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. How will we handle things if the situation becomes favorable? Is our xinxing up to it?

Isn't this excitement a xinxing test? When the persecution ends one day and people are praising Dafa, we should not be elated. Master gave us an example of someone who cultivated to Arhat fruition but failed twice, first because of his excitement and then because of fear.

What would a divine being do at this moment? Let’s remain steady and continue to do the three things well.