(Minghui.org) I’m a Falun Dafa practitioner from China and I’ve been in the United States for a year. A few weeks ago, we were practicing the exercises together at a park when I saw a scene with my third eye while meditating. Master Li pointed at us and said to numerous divine beings, “These are my disciples.”

I knew that Master was encouraging us to practice in a group. Practicing in a group provides opportunities for people with predestined relationships to learn about Falun Dafa. We also have more chances to share our experiences and understandings about doing the three things we are expected to do. We have had very few chances to interact with each other during the pandemic. We almost only gather together when we do the exercises.

I saw a scene with my third eye again the day before yesterday. While I was meditating, I saw Master sitting up high with his disciples gathered below him. Master said, “Dafa disciples will soon consummate. They will consummate before the Fa rectifies the human world. Quickly get rid of human attachments.” I shared what I saw with other practitioners after we completed the meditation. We felt that Master was anxious and was asking us to hurry up and let go of all human attachments because time is pressing. However, I developed the attachment of zealotry. I thought that, since Dafa disciples are to consummate soon, I should probably fix up things in ordinary society, then pack up and be ready to go. I didn’t realize that such a thought stemmed from the attachment of zealotry.

We sent forth righteous thoughts and began to do the second exercise. While I was doing the second exercise, I heard a loud voice in my mind, “Be more diligent and look within!” The voice repeated this several times. I knew that Master was hinting at us again that Dafa disciples must be more diligent. The closer to the end, the more diligent we need to be and the more we need to look within.

Master said,

“In other matters and in the course of cultivation, one should be sure to not develop the attachment of zealotry—this mentality can be very easily taken advantage of by demons.” (Lecture Eight, Zhuan Falun)

The three things are what we need to do. Even if we consummate tomorrow, we still need to be diligent and do three things well today. I tried hard to look within and found that I still have a lot of human attachments.

I was attached to my children. I had not seen them for a year, and I kept thinking about them. That was a big attachment to sentimentality. I also kept visiting Youtube and always wanted to see news related to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s impending doom. I have been watching videos on my cellphone more than 10 times a day, and each time I spend several minutes, or even over 10 minutes. All added up, that took up an hour or two of my time daily. I became alert that this has cost me a lot of time over the past months.

The reason why I wanted to watch news and commentary segments was because watching those videos helped me vent my anger and hatred. Such human attachments had become enlarged in the current circumstances and could easily ruin my cultivation.

In addition, I did the exercises on and off. I skipped them when I felt tired or when I got busy with work, and I didn’t make up for it later. I didn’t reach the standard of doing all five exercises each day. I also didn’t read at least one lecture per day either and found this or that excuse for myself.

I had time to watch the news on Youtube, yet I couldn’t find time to read the Fa, do the exercises, or to do things to save people. I felt very disappointed in myself. I also sometimes became absentminded when I read the Fa or when I did the exercises, and my mind might wander as I thought about this or that.

Not much time remains. A practitioner reminded me that we lost the opportunity to clarify the truth to Chinese people at tourist sites during the pandemic. Maybe one day we will suddenly lose the opportunity to call people in China via the RTC platform. Many opportunities are being swept away, and when an opportunity is missed, it never returns.

We should think about the areas of our cultivation where we have not met the standard. What things for saving people have we not done well? How can we keep from having regrets? Can we fulfill our oaths? Each of us needs to strive to look within, look within, and look within some more. This is Master’s compassionate hint. He hinted to us that, as we approach the last leg of the journey, we must be diligent and return home with Master.