(Minghui.org) I recently witnessed the Fa-rectification of the human world in a dream. I saw many Dafa practitioners floating in the air in the full-lotus position, emitting rays of golden, bright light. The light even penetrated very dense clouds, making for a magnificent and sacred scene. 

In the dream, I was anxiously pacing back and forth in my room thinking, “When will it be my turn for Master to receive me?” 

Suddenly, a huge outstretched hand reached through the window. I immediately knew it was Master's hand, so I climbed onto it as quickly as possible. A few seconds later, I found myself levitating in the air.

When I looked down, I was unable to see objects and people clearly. However, I sensed that there was a body of water beneath me and that many people were suffering. 

Then a voice called out to me, “Fa-rectification of the human world will begin tomorrow. All Dafa disciples will be informed beforehand.”

Upon hearing these words, my heart was filled with joy! As soon as I had the thought: “I wonder if any practitioners in my area had a similar experience as mine,” I woke up. 

When I thought back on the dream, I recall being both excited and calm when Master came to pick me up. It felt like I was living my whole life for this one moment. I thought, “This is where I belong. I finally returned to my original place!”

Yet in everyday life, I was focused on finding a comfortable house to live in and traveling to foreign countries. However, after having this dream, I thought: “These things I'm pursuing are both empty and unimportant. The most essential thing for me to do is to follow Master and return to my true home!” 

At that moment, all human thoughts and notions became weak and quickly disappeared. My mind was full of righteous thoughts. I enlightened to the fact that the voice saying that Fa-rectification of the human world was being postponed, was a hint that I still needed to cultivate myself well and save others. 

I felt like sharing this dream with others because it greatly encouraged me and changed the way I viewed my life.

As long as the Fa-rectification has not arrived, it's an opportunity for us to seize the time to cultivate ourselves well and to save even more sentient beings!