Falun Gong practitioners in China have been peacefully raising awareness of the persecution for over 20 years. Also known as Falun Dafa, Falun Gong is a mind-body practice based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. It has been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since July 1999.

Many Chinese people have chosen to quite the CCP after learning the facts behind th persecution. Below are stories told by two Falun Gong practitioners in the provinces of Liaoning and Hebei about how they had helped people quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. 

Liaoning Practitioner: Two Army Officers Quit the CCP

One summer day last year, I saw an elderly man dressed in an army shirt sitting at the bus stop outside a shopping mall. I went up to him and started a conversation, “It's really hot today.” 

He replied, “Not as hot as where I came from.”

“Are you here for vacation? You look like an engineer or some sort,” I said.

He said in a very serious tone, “I cannot tell you my work. It is a secret.”

“Oh, you are in the special service. There is no secret to it. Very special indeed. Someday you may be out on a special assignment and never be heard again. Your family will get a 'Certificate of Death Serving the Country' and military death gratuity money.” I blurted out without much thinking.

His eyes widened and looked me alarmingly, “How do you know so much? Dangerous information!”

I realized I was showing off and the tone in my voice was not compassionate. I apologized to him, “It's my fault to get you worried. You know that's how the CCP is. Millions of people died during the Culture Revolution. After the Culture Revolution, some of the soldiers involved were secretly sent to Yunnan and were executed. Their families were given Certificates of Death Serving the Country.” 

I then told him about the persecution of Falun Gong: hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners being sent to prison, with some even killed for their organs. I said, “Over 200,000 practitioners have filed lawsuits against Jiang Zemin for initiating the persecution. But the persecution continues.”

The man listened quietly as I talked. Then he came closer to me and said in a lowered voice, “I believe what you just said is true. I have seen it myself. When I was in the military, several of my colleagues went on an assignment and disappeared. Some never returned, some came back for a few days and then disappeared. The CCP is known to kill those who served them in order to keep secrets. Everyone knows, but dare not say anything.”

“I knew it could happen to me too. I tried my best to avoid those assignments. After lots of tries, I finally left the military and got my life back,” he told me.

I praised his courage and judgment. “You have escaped the tiger's mouth, but still under his paw. When you joined the CCP, you vowed to give your life to it. You need to nullify your vow to escape its fate. How about I help you withdraw from it using an alias?” I asked. 

He cheerfully agreed and took the booklets I gave to him.

A week later at the same bus stop, I saw a uniformed army officer sitting there with earbuds on. I walked up to him and said, “You must be on leave to visit family, right? Your parents must be very happy to see you and your family.”

He took off his earbuds and answered bashfully, “I am not married. I don't even have a girlfriend.” 

He told me that he was in the special force and this was the first time he was given a leave since joining the military after graduating from college. “We are always in a combat readiness state. Who knows what will happen after my three-months leave. If I get married and something happens to me, wouldn't that ruin the girl's life?” He looked forlorn.

I said, “I met a retired officer who was also in the special force. He told me that he had personal experience of his comrades disappearing after finishing special assignments. Given the nature of the CCP, it would not hesitate to eliminate anyone with no use anymore.”

I continued to tell him about how the CCP had killed millions of Chinese people through their political campaigns in history. I told him about Falun Gong and the persecution, and also persuaded him to quit the CCP. 

He nodded his head and said, “Thank you. I understand. I do wish to withdraw from the CCP.” 

I was very happy for him! I bid him goodbye and walked to my bus stop. When I turned around, I saw him waving at me enthusiastically. 

Hebei Practitioner: A Grandpa Said the Truth-Clarification Material “Is Exactly What I Need”

It rained the entire night on March 9, 2020. I walked out of my residential area with an umbrella and truth-clarification materials around 8 a.m. After I distributed all the materials, I went back home.

I met a senior on my way back. I greeted him, “Good morning! You still take walks when it's raining outside?” 

He replied, “I was bored at home. What are you doing?” 

“I'm here to bring you luck,” I said.

Then I gave an amulet to the grandpa. He asked, “What is this for?”

“Please read the words on this amulet: ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-forbearance is good.’ If you often recite these words, you will be blessed.”

He was interested and followed me word by word. I gave him more truth-clarification pamphlets and journals. He pointed to one pamphlet and read out loud, “Tiananmen Self Immolation Hoax and Wuhan Lockdown.” 

“Great! It is exactly what I need.” 

He took all the materials with both hands and raised above his head, then bowed three times to the sky. He couldn't express how appreciative he was.

I asked, “Have you ever joined the Communist Party or its associated organizations?” He said he joined all of them. 

I asked him, “Do you remember that during the ceremony of joining any of these organizations, you put your right fist beside your head and vowed to devote your whole life to the organization? If you withdraw the membership from these organizations, you won’t be held accountable for the crimes it committed.” He agreed and asked me to help him withdraw from the CCP using his real name.

We started to chat. He told me that he was over 70 years old and had experienced many political campaigns by the CCP. He was an engineer and had contributed a lot to society.

He said, “The CCP only knows how to make use of people. When things get done, they always kill these people. Just look at the what happened during the pandemic in Wuhan, the CCP sent so many doctors all over the county to hospitals in Wuhan without proper protection equipment. These doctors were risking their lives every day. At that time, the CCP said they were heroes. However, after the virus has been controlled, the CCP took all the credit. I bet no one believes the CCP nowadays.” His eyes teared up as he talked about these things.

I told him, “Grandpa, don't worry. If you often recite the phrase: Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, you will be blessed.” He nodded and left happily. 

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