(Minghui.org) Since I was young, I had yearned to cultivate myself. I learned many low-level qigong exercises, none of which taught me about the deeper meaning behind cultivation. I felt myself drifting aimlessly, unable to discern my true purpose and direction in life. Like many others, I pondered the meaning of my existence and wondered if I was destined to follow the masses and act based on my feelings.

In 1994, I participated in the Falun Dafa class held in Zhengzhou City. This experience upended my long-held beliefs and enlightened me to the truth.

I used to be a terrible alcoholic. I’d drink all day and end up drunk enough to require an escort home. Over time, my drinking buddies began to collapse from ill health. This naturally became a source of concern for my elderly parents and my wife. I vowed many times to quit but just could not give it up. During the class in Zhengzhou, I heard Master Li mention that if a person truly wanted to cultivate, he would have to quit drinking alcohol. Those who subsequently try to drink will find it unpalatable. And those who still drink anyway will have a stomachache! I found that hard to believe. 

After class, I went into a bar and ordered a bottle of wine. The wine did smell strange, but I chalked it to my momentary confusion and imagination. I took a big gulp and my stomach started to cramp. In seconds, the wine came back up and out of my mouth. I switched to drinking beer and met with similar results. By then my head was pounding and I felt nauseous whenever I smelled alcohol. At this point I had a sudden realization. Trying to test the veracity of this Fa with my own body was just asking for trouble! My stomach continued to hurt throughout the night, only ceasing after I reached the Falun Dafa class venue the following day. My addiction was cured, to the delight of my family.

During the class, I witnessed how magical and simple it was for Master to heal a practitioner’s body. All Master did was gently explain, “I will cleanse the bodies of true cultivators. You will see a reaction after leaving this class.” Those qigong masters whom I’d consulted in the past would use all kinds of complex methods to try to effect a cure, such as traditional massage, stimulation of acupuncture points, sending forth qi, and repetitive exercise movements. In my experience, none of them produced visible improvements.

The symptoms started manifesting after we returned to our lodgings. My temporary lodgings housed around one to two hundred Falun Dafa students. That night, every available toilet in the facility was packed with students either vomiting and having diarrhea. Our symptoms vanished the following day, the minute we entered class, only to return when we set foot in our dormitory. Within two to three days, our bodies were completely purified, and our illnesses had vanished. Having personally experienced and witnessed this miracle, I was convinced that Dafa had boundless power and wisdom.

Master personally conducted the Zhengzhou Falun Dafa class. Students from other regions, including Wuhan, Beijing, and Tianjin, followed Master and diligently participated in the classes. Some repeat participants had attended more than a dozen classes. The happiest and most blessed person is one who knows his goal in life. This was certainly the case for practitioners who followed Master on the path to godhood!

Our classes were held in a simple training facility within the Zhengzhou Gymnasium. The hall and corridors were packed with people. Shortly after two o'clock on the second day, a sudden gust of wind blew through the building and a thundercloud appeared out of nowhere. We were instantly plunged into darkness when the lights in the hall suddenly went out. Heavy rain and hailstones fell from the sky, along with thunder and lightning. The building’s metal structural supports started creaking and the lashing winds threatened to lift the roof off the building. The storm uprooted and snapped the surrounding trees in half. Thousands of terrified participants started panicking. 

At this point, Master softly remarked, “This has gone too far!” Sitting with his legs crossed on the table, Master began to perform a big mudra. Although the hall remained dark, it was as though Master’s arms were emitting golden rays that shot straight up into the heavens. In an instant, the dark miasma vanished. The dark clouds dissipated, allowing sunlight to shine in, and the hall lights also came back on. Everyone had witnessed Master’s magical powers in this battle between good and evil! After a period of shocked silence, thunderous applause suddenly erupted throughout the hall. Master waved his hand and calmly said, “Now let’s begin the lecture.” Afterwards, when a student tried to ask Master for details, Master declined to further elaborate. Despite the depth and breadth of his knowledge and power, Master remained grounded and unpretentious. 

This eight-day class changed my entire outlook on life. I counted myself fortunate to have obtained the Fa and swore to cultivate diligently under Master’s guidance!

In 1996, Master visited Hebei and agreed to meet us. We were overjoyed and rushed down to see him. I was standing at the restaurant doorway when I noticed Master, with his back towards me, eating. At that moment, Master deliberately turned around, smiled, and beckoned me to come in. I was shocked. Thousands of participants had attended the class at Zhengzhou. I had no chance to come into close contact with Master. Yet, two years later, despite having his back to me, Master was still able to recognize me as a Dafa practitioner! I found the experience unbelievable!

We ended up sitting face-to-face with Master in his hotel room. I sat very close to Master and, just for a moment, my leg spasmed uncontrollably. Master calmly glanced at me and then glanced at my leg. In an instant, heat began to flow up and down my leg and a sharp snap resounded throughout the room. Two days before, I had attempted to sit in the full lotus position. My stubborn attachment to achieving this goal resulted in the fracture and dislocation of a bone in my lower leg. Wishing to save face, I kept quiet about my injury. Master had set the bone back in place! Words were inadequate to express my gratitude.

Because of my attachment and greed, as we were walking out of the room after our meeting, I brazenly asked Master about the blocked acupuncture point near the base of my spine. Master kept quiet, but a fellow practitioner pulled me aside. “You have already cultivated for quite some time. How can you still ask Master such a question?”

In the elevator, I happened to find myself standing next to Master. Like a young student who had committed an error, I felt ashamed of myself. Suddenly the elevator malfunctioned and stopped. As we all stood quietly in the elevator, I felt a sudden surge of heat rise throughout my body. Sweat soaked through my shirt and words suddenly started appearing in front of my eyes: 

“In qigong practice, those of you whose qi cannot go through a pass or come down should look for reasons within your xinxing to determine if you are stuck at that level for too long and whether you should upgrade your xinxing! Once you truly upgrade your xinxing, you will find that qi coming down. You cannot only pursue transformation of gong in the physical body without emphasizing improvement of your xinxing. It is waiting for you to upgrade your xinxing—only then will you make a holistic change.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun

With a shock, I realized my shortcomings. In an instant, my baihui point pulsed twice and what felt like streams of refreshing spring water began to flow through my veins. This occurred within the span of less than five minutes! At this point, the elevator resumed its journey downwards. By then I was overflowing with excitement, joy, and gratitude. As tears poured down my face, I silently thanked Master for his generosity and kindness!

The coordinator of our area asked to have a group photo taken with Master. Master agreed, and the coordinator went off to retrieve his camera. The coordinator did not return, even as Master waited patiently under the corridor’s eaves. Fellow practitioners who accompanied Master remarked, “Master, this attachment of theirs must also be eliminated!” Master only smiled in response. A few minutes later, he remarked, “I think they will not be able to retrieve the camera. We still have some ways to go and cannot wait any longer. Remember to convey my words to your fellow practitioners.” Master shook hands with each of us and bid us farewell. After a while, our flustered coordinator returned with a few other practitioners, empty-handed. They had searched high and low throughout the coordinator’s home with no success. Afterwards, our coordinator found the camera sitting in plain sight on his bookcase. Even today, we have no explanation for this.