(Minghui.org) After reading Master’s new scripture, “Another Stick Warning,” I was stunned. I realized that I could have done things in the past that displayed signs of undermining the Fa

Since my childhood, I had the attachments to pursuit of fame and fortune, and felt superior to others. After becoming a Falun Dafa practitioner, I was able to let go of some of these strong human desires. However, when I slacked off in my cultivation and did not study the Fa well, human notions would occupy my mind—my attachment to showing off would control me. I thought that I helped other practitioners to “enlighten” and be “guided” to find their attachments, especially those who were suffering physical tribulations.

My attachments to fame and fortune were particularly accelerated when I helped fellow practitioners who were experiencing “sickness karma” to find attachments. Although my intention was good on the surface, the problem was that my desire for fame could not be denied. I felt good about myself during my interactions with fellow practitioners, believing that I was always correct. If there was a disagreement, I would try to persuade others to agree with me, and would feel irritated if they held on to their views.

Master’s lecture, “Another Stick Warning,” woke me up from my egocentricity. It scared me to know that I was on the verge of damaging the Fa.

In this article, I’m sharing my understanding on the issue and some problems I noticed among practitioners, so that we can improve together, and avoid more losses in the future.

Practitioners’ Irresponsible Behavior

In the article published on Minghui on July 26, “A Serious Lesson Learned After 30 Arrested in One Day in Our Area,” practitioners used their supernatural capabilities to heal illness for other practitioners, and some practitioners even defended their wrongdoings. Those involved were not being responsible to Dafa, nor to themselves, thus allowing the old forces to take advantage of their loopholes and arrest more than 30 practitioners. 

Do Not Pursue Supernatural Abilities

If practitioners with certain knowledge and abilities randomly share what they know with everyone, they are often promoting themselves subconsciously. I’ve noticed practitioners become confused after listening to their sharing. I had a headache after I heard the sharing of a practitioner like that. What they enlightened to is restricted by their levels. Everyone should stop following those with supernormal capabilities!

Keeping a Clear and Tranquil Mind While Reading Dafa Teachings

We should keep our mind clean and focused when we read Master’s teachings. We should all read Master’s new and other lectures. When sharing, we should talk about how to improve our xinxing, how to look inward during times of conflict, as well as how to do the three things well.

Respecting Master and Dafa Materials

We cannot take Master’s words as our own words when sharing our experiences. This behavior is disrespectful of Master and Dafa, and it gives the old forces’ opportunities to persecute us in various forms, such as sickness karma that lingers, car accidents, and so on. 

Some practitioners throw Dafa books and Master’s portraits in random places. Some Dafa truth-clarifying materials were chewed by rats due to practitioners' carelessness. 

Other Issues

Some practitioners take Dafa projects as personal hobbies, and do them from a non-cultivator’s perspective. Coordinators are dissatisfied, jealous, and uncooperative with one another. 

Some are still attached to lust and flirt among one another, causing many family conflicts. Some pretend to be humble, but are arrogant in reality. Some refuse to accept fellow practitioners’ suggestions in good faith, and stubbornly carry out their own plans while defending their behavior as “Do what we’re enlightened to.” Some practitioners do not study Dafa teachings regularly, having various excuses, such as there are too many household chores, and that we should maintain a harmonized family relationship, and so on.

Enlightening Along an Evil Way

Another article on the Minghui website talked about a practitioner posting notes with “Falun Dafa is good” around maps with the Chinese Communist Party’s logo to reduce interference, and the effect was said to be good. Several other practitioners began to do the same, but some also posted the notes on the ground to save crops, or posted notes on other personal property to take care of it. Many practitioners followed suit. 

Dafa cultivation is a serious matter, and there are no shortcuts for anyone. Those behaviors severely damage Dafa, and also interfere with the cultivation path that Master has arranged for Dafa practitioners.

Some veteran practitioners, who obtained the Fa before 1999, did not succumb under torture. However, after being released, instead of finding the reason why they were arrested and persecuted so cruelly, they became conceited, bragged about their experiences, and some even presented themselves as heroes. 

Truly Study the Fa Well and Solidly Cultivate Ourselves 

I feel that for practitioners with issues as mentioned above, we should all read the book “Essentials for Further Advancement” and measure ourselves with Dafa’s requirements. 

No matter what “abilities” we have, all practitioners must take Dafa as our teacher, study the Fa every day, and cultivate more diligently. We have gone through the most difficult times. The more stringent it gets in the end, the more righteously we must walk the path arranged by Master, and take every step of our cultivation well!

To conclude, I would like to quote a few lines from “Another Stick Warning” (Team Blue Translation) to encourage fellow practitioners to move forward more diligently. 

“Those practitioners who were heavily involved in this, could the old forces possibly let you off the hook?”

“Wake up! You’ve already made it through the most difficult part of your journey; don't capsize your boat in a stinking ditch at the very end. I suggest you stay away from this person and don’t give this person an audience.” 

“The rigor of cultivation practice is such that each and every step is linked to the next, and not one moment or step should be tampered with.”