(Minghui.org) Before the CCP virus broke out at the beginning of 2020, my family and I, who are all Falun Dafa practitioners, had been clarifying the truth at shopping centers very successfully, helping over 100 people a day quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. We never expected that the busy city of Wuhan would suddenly become so desolate and full of grief.

I was worried that I hadn’t helped Master Li to save enough people and wondered whether the time of Fa-rectification in our world had arrived. Is the time for Dafa disciples to save sentient beings coming to an end?

When the pandemic was at its worst, everyone in our apartment complex was scared. They didn’t dare to venture outside. It didn’t seem like anyone lived there.

I thought that I should exude positive energy and live as normally as I could. My apartment is on the top floor, and there is a rooftop terrace on our building, so I dried my clothes there as usual and took my grandson outside to play.

As time went on, my neighbors saw me and occasionally told me not to stay outside for too long. Then my neighbor who lives next door dared to go out and put his family's clothes out to dry. I really wanted to save him during the pandemic.

Because of this thought, Master gave me a chance. One day, when he and his wife were on the rooftop terrace, I told them that quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations could ensure their safety during the pandemic. They both agreed to quit.

There is strict monitoring and surveillance during the day, and we have to scan our health code app. But it is usually more relaxed at night and I have helped all the security guards to quit the Party, so I just say hello to them and they let me pass. For this reason, my family and I go out to clarify the truth at night.

We didn’t go to places where they required the health code scanning and went to smaller grocery stores instead. It was very easy to get people to quit the CCP after we told them why it was responsible for the pandemic and how quitting the Party could ensure them a bright future.

Master said,

“True Dafa disciples have higher energy and are able to destroy karma and germs; they are emissaries of salvation in these latter days, and bring their wisdom to bear upon saving people as they share truthful information related to our practice.” (“Stay Rational”)

Taking Care of Mom

My 89-year-old mother broke her leg last June and couldn’t take care of herself. She has seven children that all live nearby; I'm the only one in a different city. My siblings initially took care of her, but they couldn't do it for long because she is so demanding and loses her temper easily.

So I returned home to take care of her. I looked after her very well, but it affected my cultivation, as I had a hard time doing the three things practitioners are asked to do. That made me irritable.

I told her that she seemed to be getting better, but she replied coldly, “There's no improvement. I'm the same.”

Finally, everything came to a head one night, and we quarreled.

The next morning over breakfast, my mother’s eyes were swollen, and she was very quiet. I usually had to help her use the toilet, but she didn’t want any help that day.

I went to the kitchen and saw a big toad on the floor, which scared me and left me wondering whether it was a bad omen. The next day, my daughter called me, saying that the neighborhood administration office had called her, inquiring about me. I realized that I didn’t do well, so the old forces wanted to persecute me.

I calmed down and looked within. I had developed the attachment of resentment, as I was looking for praise for taking care of my mother. I was expecting her to thank me.

When I had that feeling, it affected my Fa study, and I couldn't calm my mind.

I was able to improve my xinxing after realizing this, and my mother also changed. We began to get along well, and she even repeated the auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Two of my brothers and sister-in-law came over. One of my brothers said, “Look at how well our sister has been taking care of Mom.” My sister-in-law added, “It's truly good to practice Falun Dafa.”

Letting Go of My Attachment to Money

A few young people selling flowers at the entrance of a shopping center came over to try to sell us some. 

“It's not easy to make a living nowadays,” I told them. “It's because of the corruption throughout the entire country. Young people are under a lot of pressure because officials at all levels are greedy. People lack faith. They don’t believe in Gods and don’t know that Gods will hold them responsible if they do bad deeds.”

They all nodded in agreement. I then talked to them about quitting the CCP to be safe. They continued to nod but didn’t respond. I tried several times, but no one spoke up.

Not long after they left, my daughter grabbed hold of my arm and said, “Mom, I'll buy flowers, and you tell them again.”

I was hesitant, thinking, “Why would I want to buy flowers? It would be a waste of money.”

My daughter went back and bought some flowers. Those young people were very happy, so I talked to them again about quitting the Party. This time they all quit.

I realized that I wasn't truly concerned about their welfare. They were in a tough situation, so why shouldn't I help them? I realized that our actions can move people.

When we go out to clarify the truth now, my daughter always takes a little extra cash in case a small purchase would help to pave the way for our truth-clarification efforts. At that time her job didn’t pay much, and her employer was restructuring the company. This was at the end of the year and during the pandemic, but her salary was actually increased.

I have come to realize that a major problem of mine is an attachment to money. I thought that I didn’t care much about it, but my attachment was hidden deeply, and I felt uncomfortable when I lost any. I saw my attachment clearly and decided to let go of it.