(Minghui.org) Many practitioners realize that the 2020 U.S. Election is pivotal in the battle between good and evil—the behind the scenes interference comes from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) specter. In order to clear out these negative substances it's very important to clarify the facts to people at the source. I'd like to talk about my experiences while calling Beijing.

High Level Officials Believe Heaven Will Eliminate the CCP at Any Time

When I phoned CCP officials in Beijing before, they were arrogant and rude. Their attitudes have recently changed. Because of the election, local practitioners decided to coordinate their efforts. The first day when nearly every local practitioner phoned, nine people decided to renounce their CCP memberships. I joked with another practitioner that it was rare to hear so many people say “Thank you!” in one day.

Most numbers that I called belonged to the CCP central agency. In the beginning, I didn’t focus on encouraging them to quit the CCP. I thought, “It’s very difficult to have them agree to quit the CCP over the phone. Awakening the conscience of these high level officials will further clean up the CCP specters that are controlling them. This will also help dismantle the CCP factors interfering with President Trump being re-elected.” After my phone calls went through, I was caught off guard by their responses.

When I phoned the first few people and greeted them, they were very calm, and said, “Hi!” I was surprised that every one of them was so polite. They either quietly listened, or quickly said, “Thank you!” I later adjusted my tone so I would sound more resolute. As a result some agreed to quit the CCP.

Most of these high-ranking CCP members have a better understanding of the current situation, both at home and abroad, than the average person. So a straightforward approach is better. If we are firm and leave no room for hesitation, then their true thoughts will be in control and they will be willing to quit the CCP.

There were a few interesting cases: I accidentally phoned some people and ended up helping people quit the CCP. One time, I said someone’s name incorrectly. At first, he quietly listened, but when I addressed him and said, “Hello!”, he seemed to be surprised. I felt he wasn’t the person I intended to call. When I glanced at my file I realized I had made a mistake. I said, “I am so sorry. I got your name wrong.” I said, “Mr. So-and-so, how are you?” He paused and then said impatiently, “What’s up?” I said, “I called to let you know why millions of Chinese are quitting the CCP.”

I said, “Our ancestors always respected heaven and gods. Could I use “respecting heaven” as a pseudonym to help you quit the Party and ensure your safety?” He immediately replied, “Sure!” I then told him that many people feel they've been blessed after saying, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” He repeated it and then thanked me before he hung up.

I felt some initial resistance from him because he didn’t say anything when he picked up the call. But he later changed. I realized one reason was because my tone was very respectful and peaceful. He let down his guard and relaxed and I was able to speak to his true self.

One time, I said to the other party, “Hello Sir!” I then heard an unfriendly female voice say, “Who is this?” I said, “Are you so-and-so from a certain department?” She said, “No. I am not him.” I said, “Are you his colleague though?” She was silent. I raised my voice, and said, “I called to pass on this good message to him, but I will tell it to you.” I then briefly talked to her about quitting the CCP.

She seemed to change into a different person, and her tone became friendly. When I told her that many people have quit the CCP and I suggested a pseudonym, she immediately replied, “Sure!” When I asked her to pass on the message to help her family quit the CCP and remember the phrase, she agreed.

After I hung up, when I looked up the name in the file, I still felt it was a man’s name. Perhaps because I apologized to her, she relaxed. Though it seemed like a random mistake, it might not be that accidental. Through this “mistake” I was able to contact her. During the process, I also kept eliminating my notions and other attachments.

One man's name was similar to a woman’s so I addressed him as “Ms. So-and-so.” After we cleared that up, within one minute I was able to wake up his conscience, and he agreed to renounce his CCP memberships. Then he hung up.

I realized that most of the people I called agreed to quit the CCP. Some were concerned about protecting their self-interest, or hesitated because they thought their phones were tapped—they didn’t dare to speak out. When they understood why we called, they became relaxed and were willing to quit the Party. I wondered why the phone calls I made by mistake, or when I incorrectly addressed the person, turned out to be people who easily quit the CCP. I felt it was because I made them feel that I was upbeat and kind—perhaps it was more personal and brought us closer.

The second day I experienced some interference which affected my making effective phone calls. I had to remind myself that if I didn’t cultivate well, it would directly impact my saving sentient beings.

Respect and Gratitude for Practitioners

When I phoned one government official, I heard noise in the background. I said, “Mr. Wang, could you please go to a quiet place? I want to tell you something very important.” After a little while, I couldn't hear any background noise, so I said his name again. When he answered I began to talk.

Thinking back, I usually can't remember what I said exactly. But I can truly feel that Master grants me wisdom. It's what happened that day. I only talked for a few minutes, and he agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

I said, “Sir, one day when our Chinese nation returns to tradition and is renewed, you will be part of it. You should feel happy for yourself! Please share this information with your loved ones.” It was as if he was revived. He spoke much louder and kept saying, “Sure! Sure! Thank you! I will remember that for sure!”

One lady I phoned worked for the Publicity Department. She already knew about the persecution and why people quit the CCP. But she wasn't sure about Falun Dafa. Then Master hinted to me to tell her the story of Noah’s ark. I also talked to her about the relationship between prehistoric civilization and the decline of morality.

She praised me and said, “You practitioners work so hard!” In the end, I said, “Perhaps we have a predestined relationship. You are a good person. How about if I use ‘Ark’ as a pseudonym to help you quit the Party? I hope you’ll become one of those lucky ones who will embark on the new epoch's ark. Okay?” She happily said, “Sure, sure. Thank you!”

There were some inspiring stories. Some people weren't ready to quit the CCP, but they still sincerely said, “Thank you!” Through these many years of truth-clarification, I can see that some people who work in the CCP system were awakening to the truth. I have a personal understanding: Even though this group of people seems indifferent, if they still have a little bit of conscience they feel uneasy. Even though they enjoy good lives, deep down they are suffering. They came to the human world because of their righteous faith in Dafa, but they are misled and uphold the Party. Thus, they are truly worthy of being saved.

Positive Attitudes When Learning Truth

When I phoned regular Beijing citizens for a few days, I could feel that the old forces did not have as much control over them. Most people were very calm, and no one yelled or swore at me. Some of them said, “I already knew about this.” One man said “I already knew about this. You don’t need to tell me.” I figured he was reluctant to declare that he already quit the CCP over the phone. After that, I stopped calling him.