(Minghui.org) The U.S. election touched the hearts of many Dafa disciples. In the early days, I paid a lot attention to the U.S. election and closely followed the news.

After Master published the scripture “On the General Election,” I began to intensively send forth righteous thoughts about the U.S. election.

Master reminded us again in “Greetings to the Taiwan Fa Conference” (Team Yellow Translation),

“Though a battle between good and evil is taking place, you have to ensure that you do not let it negatively affect you, and should do even better at getting the truth out and saving people.”

So what kind of mentality should we have? For us Dafa disciples, our base is saving all sentient beings. We can use the fraud in the U.S. election to help people further understand the infiltration and harm by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in American society. But we must not get caught up in the partisan and political struggle of ordinary people. Heaven’s eliminating the CCP is a historical inevitability, and those who side with the CCP and the communist specter will be eliminated.

Things were turned upside down in this U.S. election. The evil is blatantly cheating. The CCP and the leftist forces in the United States, controlled by the communist specter, have manipulated the media, the judiciary branches, and the government to carry out the fraud. Behind it is of course the arrangements by the old forces. One of their true goals is to present obstacles for Dafa disciples in saving people and raise the threshold for the salvation of sentient beings in the United States and the whole world. They are setting traps for ordinary people.

If Dafa disciples fail to handle the delicate situation well and get involved in partisan disputes, it may cause people who support the Democratic Party to develop a negative impression about Dafa and prevent them from supporting Dafa. The CCP might also take the opportunity to spread rumors about Dafa in China and further block the Chinese people from being saved.

Under the interference of all kinds of coercion, temptation, and media disinformation, it is very difficult for sentient beings to maintain their righteous stance and navigate such a complicated and chaotic situation. Even many in the Republican Party have remained silent or even become accomplices in the fraud. If people don't have enough righteous thoughts and courage to face the truth and uphold justice, then they may not be saved.

When we send forth righteous thoughts, we can directly disintegrate the evil elements behind the communist specter, reinforce the righteous thoughts of the American people, and clear the obstacles that interfere with them – these are things that ordinary people cannot do.

In other words, if we send righteous thoughts well, we can help more Americans and government officials, or even people around the world, to see clearly the evil nature of communism. They in turn may choose to stay away from the CCP and thus make the right choice for their futures.

We should try to help more people understand the facts and not miss the chance to enter the future in this big selection process. But each person must make his or her own final choice. No one else can choose sides for them.

The CCP is still running the so-called “zero out” harassment campaign in China in order to force every Dafa disciple on the government's blacklist to renounce their faith. We should continue to do the three things well and not let the U.S. election interfere with what we should do in China.

Dafa disciples' main body is in China. I personally feel that it is enough for us to schedule a few hours a day, or whenever we have free time, to send forth righteous thoughts about the U.S. election and we should still focus most of our time on clarifying the truth to the Chinese people.

Justice will prevail. We should not become obsessed with the election result or expect certain people to behave in a certain way. Otherwise, the old forces will have excuses to interfere with us. Our base point is to eliminate the evil communist specter and the old forces, so that more beings can understand the truth, distinguish righteousness from evil, and make the choice of their lives.

The pandemic has never left us and has now worsened. Elimination through the pandemic and the U.S. general election are taking place side by side. We must be clearheaded and rational, carry out our duties as Dafa disciples, and save more people.

This is my understanding at my current level. Please kindly point out anything not aligned with the Fa.

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