(Minghui.org) I read a practitioner’s article titled “The Unforgotten Lotus.” It was written on it that when she was lonely and helpless she saw a lotus flower posted on her door, made by practitioners, which read “May 13: World Falun Dafa Day.”

Instantly, her mind became clear and happy, and joy filled her heart. She shouted from deep within her heart: “Ah, what a special May 13! What a solemn and happy world Falun Dafa Day!” She understood that Master, the founder of Falun Dafa, and fellow practitioners were by her side.

Her emotion evoked the lotus that I couldn’t forget in my heart. The real lotus was seen through my celestial eye.

That was when I had just practiced Falun Dafa for about four months. One morning, several of us practiced the exercises in a courtyard. While practicing the fifth set of exercises, a lotus flower appeared in front of my celestial eye. The silvery-white glitter and bright brilliance made my heart happy, and I felt comfortable beyond words. The image of the lotus lasted for a long time in my celestial eye. Of course, such a wonderful flower and light are invisible in this dimensional space. 

At that time I just joined group practice and thought everyone else was able to see the lotus. After the exercise, I asked my fellow practitioners: “Did you see that lotus flower?” They were puzzled, and I didn’t know that everyone’s cultivation state was different.

After that, I saw Master’s Law Bodies and very beautiful scenes in other dimensions. The display of this lotus flower made me believe the truth and magnificence of this practice.

Since then, I changed from being an “atheist” to a believer in gods and Buddhas. 

Thank you Master for letting me understand the true meaning of life, for changing my life, and helping me become a genuine disciple! I will never forget that I am a practitioner, and I will do the three things diligently, follow Master closely, and return to my true home.

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