(Minghui.org) During the Chinese New Year holiday, Li Ling, a fellow Falun Dafa practitioner whom I hadn’t seen for many years, came to visit me. We were happy to see each other and began reminiscing about the past.

I asked about her brother Li Chao, who had experienced a miraculous recovery 20 years ago. 

Ling could not hold back her tears when she recalled Chao’s miracle.

In 2002, Chao had developed severe stomach pains. After a visit to the hospital, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 

This came like a bolt out of the blue to Chao, who was only in his early 30s. He was living in a rural area and was very poor, with two sickly parents of advanced age. He also had two young children, who were only five and seven. 

Chao’s condition required an operation, so his friends and relatives raised money to pay for it.

Dr. Liu, the chief surgeon in charge of Chao’s operation, was a renowned local doctor in this field. But after Chao was cut open, the surgical team was shocked: tumors grew all over his abdominal cavity and had already metastasized to the liver and gallbladder. There was no way for the doctors to completely remove the tumor. Liu aborted the surgery and sutured Chao.

Meanwhile, Chao’s friends and relatives had been waiting for him outside the operating room. They were relieved to see that he was able to return so quickly, and thought the operation went well. 

However, Dr. Liu pulled Chao’s wife aside and told her what went on in the operating room. He suggested that she discharge Chao and let him enjoy the limited time left, at most three months.

My friend Ling suggested that Chao try out Falun Dafa, which might be the only hope remaining. From Ling’s transformation after taking up the practice, Chao knew that Falun Dafa was good. He'd witnessed his sister transform from a hot-tempered to a gentle person, and all of her illnesses disappeared. It was as if she aged backwards –she became healthy and looked a lot younger. 

Chao decided to learn Falun Dafa, and let Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, decide his fate. 

Since Dafa has been under brutal persecution, Falun Dafa books were a rare find. Ling’s Fa study group had only one copy of Zhuan Falun to share among themselves, but they were willing to give their precious copy to Chao. 

In just two months, with Dafa’s help, Chao miraculously recovered and gained a new life. He was full of energy, and his face glowed. He also went back to work to support his family.

Chao’s wife was not 100 percent sure about his recovery and asked him to do a checkup at the hospital. He went back to the same hospital and it was confirmed that he was cancer-free. 

Dr. Liu was stunned to see Chao standing before his eyes as a strong and energetic man. He had no words. Then he muttered. “This is impossible. His condition was real and we all saw it with our own eyes. It was not misdiagnosed.” 

He excitedly called his colleagues, “Come here and witness a miracle!”

Chao is now over fifty years old and has been working in southern China. His two children have grown up.

One life has been saved, along with a family – a testament to the boundless compassion found within Dafa.