(Minghui.org) The 2022 Taiwan Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference was held on November 13 and over 6,000 practitioners joined the grand event at Heping Basketball Gymnasium in Taipei. Several university professors and a lawyer shared their thoughts after listening to other practitioners’ stories. 

Emeritus Professor: Inspired to Improve in Cultivation 

Professor Emeritus Chang Chin-Hwa 

Dr. Chang Chin-Hwa is a Professor Emeritus of Journalism at National Taiwan University. She first heard of Falun Dafa in 1999 when over 10,000 practitioners went to Beijing on April 25 to peacefully protest government mistreatment. It surprised her to learn that there were over 100 million people practicing a spiritual belief in China, an atheist country. One of her coworkers later gave her a copy of Zhuan Falun, Falun Dafa’s main book. She said reading it turned a new page in her life. 

“What Master talked about amazed me,” she said, “I have always wondered about spiritual practice and learned a few ways. They still left me with many questions. The book explained away my doubts in plain and simple language, and the method of cultivation was super easy and effective. I wanted to experience it myself.” 

A few months later her insomnia and stomach pain from stress at work disappeared. She was no longer underweight and pale. She also had a brand new attitude towards teaching at school. “Teaching requires compassion and wisdom. The teachings of Falun Dafa let me have boundless compassion and kind thoughts. I was able to sincerely deal with every student,” she said. 

She became quite emotional as she recalled the first time she attended a conference. “It was only a few months after I took up the practice. I saw practitioners from all ages and walks of life willing to look within for their own shortcomings in this modern society to better themselves. I felt that I had a lot to catch up on.” 

The other practitioners’ stories at the conference encouraged her to improve. “Some of the practitioners felt frustrated and resented the work they did, and some suffered unspeakable illnesses. Nonetheless all of them were able to dig out their attachments and let them go.” “Their experiences moved me and helped me recall how I felt when I just started to practice. I also saw many of my own shortcomings. Master told us that the conferences are precious occasions that give us the opportunity to measure ourselves with others and improve. I believe everyone did today.” 

Professor of Business Administration: No Longer Confused

Professor Ai Chang-Ruei 

Professor Ai Chang-Ruei works at the Department of Business Administration in National Chung Cheng University. Falun Dafa practitioners’ peaceful protest on April 25, 1999 caught his attention and led him to read the book Zhuan Falun. “After I finished reading, I told my wife that I found the teacher I’d been waiting for!” he said. 

“Falun Dafa solved all the puzzles I had in life. I finally knew what cultivation meant and how to live my life. I experienced powerful feelings of satisfaction and joy.”

He said that Falun Dafa can benefit everyone, physically and mentally. “I’m now better able to focus on the fundamentals of a problem and see the nature of things more clearly. I became more decisive and my problems no longer held me back.” 

He admired the practitioners who sincerely spoke about their experiences. “Everyone knew how to face an ordeal. They believe in Master and Falun Dafa, and demand of themselves to measure up to the requirement of the teachings. They were not afraid in front of a test, would not back down, and charged forward by following the teachings. Everyone improved on the path of cultivation.” 

Professor: Falun Dafa Expanded My Wisdom 

Professor Elliott Fan of National Taiwan University

Economics professor Elliott Fan of National Taiwan University heard about Falun Dafa when he was a student. “I was a graduate student in 1998, and two of my professors told me about Falun Dafa,” he said. He did not begin practicing until six years later. 

After he read the teachings, he felt that his brain expanded. “I could feel that Master opened up my wisdom in all aspects. My ability to research, learn, and think abstractly improved significantly. I figured out many things that did not make sense to me before, and some of them quite hard. I knew that it was all because of my cultivation.” 

Some practitioners who left the practice but came back told their stories at the conference. “Their stories touched me,” he said, “It may seem that they did not do well, but whatever happened was just part of their cultivation. In their minds they never gave up for a second, and always contemplated how to resume practicing. Their stories reminded me to treat fellow practitioners with a compassionate heart.” 

Senior Lawyer: Examining How Serious I am About Cultivation

Attorney Wang Feng-Lan

Ms. Wang Feng-Lan has practiced law for over two decades. Her health deteriorated before she began practicing Falun Dafa in 2005. A coworker suggested that she attend a Falun Dafa nine-day workshop, and thus she began practicing. In two months the eczema, allergies and stuffy nose that bothered her for years went away without a pill. “My eczema never came back, which amazes me the most,” she said. 

Besides resolving her illnesses, Falun Dafa changed her way of looking at the world. “I used to care so much about succeeding that I was under a lot of pressure. Falun Dafa allows me to look at life from a new angle. It gives me courage to face the unknown and face everything with peace of mind, because I know that whatever happens to me in cultivation is a good thing.” 

The story of a practitioner who decided to do the exercises and memorize the teachings when he faced the test of life and death touched her. “His determination moved me. Two years ago I decided to join group exercises at a practice site and memorize the teachings, but I quit halfway. I must figure out what attachment stopped me. 

“This practitioner’s story also made me think that if I had no tribulations, would I want to look within and improve, or would I slack off? Do I treat the issue of eliminating attachments seriously enough? 

“Experience sharing conferences are a format that Master gives us so we can compare ourselves to others. Attending the conferences is important. Every practitioner’s story touched me because their hearts are pure, and when I compare myself to them I can see my human notions.”